registered members don't get popups... just sayin

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Software, Mac OSX
Pitch Innovations Fluid Bundle v2022.05.20 [U2B] macOS-TRAZOR screenshot
TRAZOR | Jun 15 2022 | 110.1 MB
Fluid Chords v1.0.4
Fluid Chords is an intelligent chord bending plug-in that allows you to bend from any chord to any chord so you can create music that’s never been heard before.

Fluid Pitch v1.3.4
Fluid Pitch locks your pitch bend wheel to your chosen scale, so you never land on a wrong note ever. Spend less time practicing and more time performing!

Download from my link below on the purple box.

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[arm64]: Fixed no audio being processed. Trazor

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  Member 7.04.2021 2 17
Trazor is the GOAT
  Member 10.06.2022 6
Trazor is the GOAT
  Member 14.02.2017 21
GOAT is the Trazor
  Member 24.11.2021 200
theres no slowing down with trazor... releasing stuff that I didnt even know existed, days after the sonible stuff... good shit!
  Resident 14.08.2012 2 421
Thank you audioZ
  Member 13.08.2021 7
God bless you sir.
(You've got coffee)
  Member 15.07.2020 13 163
Thank you TRAZOR!
  Member 10.07.2014 532
Thanks Boss!
  Member 11.10.2015 19 155
Trazor I said it once and I'll say it again....

-BiG Pluck
The Book of Pluck
Chapter 1 Verse 1
PLK 1:1 Get yo Money Man!
  Member 3.12.2019 6
RIP my 115 dollars LMFAO
  Member 19.05.2022 11
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 6.06.2019 7 121
Hi Trazor, unfortunately M1 native does not seem to be patched as I'm getting the account login window on both plugins. Hope you're able to fix it.
  Member 24.05.2022 1
Both plugins asks me to login.
M1 - Monterey.
Anyway, thank you for all your work!
  Releaser 10.12.2021 109 142
ok, thanks for report!
  Member 24.11.2021 200
does it happen in rosetta mode? is this a monterey issue or a native/rosetta issue?
  Member 13.11.2020 23
well m1 beta monterey

Click get info
I gave write privlidge to everything and clicked open with rosetta, write permission proly not needed but permission issues are a dime a dozen so i did anyway

thanks trazor, i was surprised it didnt work at first as your work has been without trouble - however apples os is a pita and rosetta fixes it - i am happy to have been able to let people know so you are free to own ilok (we can dream right can anyone say cargo cult among others - way too expensive until someone in some mad fit of insanity decides to pay me) much appreciated - rosetta is fantastic as far as i am concerned
  Member 19.02.2017 1 61
Ask me for login -mail and pass- (M1 native Monterey) and I can see both plugins in VST2 and VST3, but only Fluid Chords in AU
Anyway thank you very much and crossing fingers so it can be solved!
  Releaser 10.12.2021 109 142
yes thanks, on arm64 this binary is not patching it properly, i'll fix it as soon as possible. but you can still using under rosetta2.
  Resident 6.10.2011 1 517
Thanks Trazor! Great to see you're back!
Glad to hear it wasn't me mucking something up.

The Bleass aren't quite right natively as well. Think they're timing out.
Thanks again and you rock brother!
  Member 1.12.2015 9
I can't extract the file without error (unarchiver, keka). Fluid Chords pkg file cannot be installed (installer says it is not an installer file). If I have to try using Pacifist, what should i do? MBP, Monterey, intel.
  Member 28.04.2019 14
activated fine. Can't really use my midi with it. neither with the computer keyboard. I can't get to trigger midi notes in the vst
  Member 20.05.2021 27
Only seeing Fluid Chords after installing both here on Mac. Am I missing something?
  Member 14.02.2015 1 50
Same here.
  Member 27.01.2022 50
What you're missing guys is that Fluid Pitch only operates as a MIDI effect - check & you'll see it.
  Resident 5.03.2009 109
Big Thanks Razor, can't wait to try it out.

Which link has been updated?

Aa the extracted files have the same naming as the 1st upload.
  Member 13.01.2022 2
installed the fix on M1 Mac
both plugins load in Logic but they don't work
they don't respond to midi and adding to a track silences any virtual instrument also can't adjust the UX modulation dial
  Resident 6.10.2011 1 517
Hi Trazor arm64 loads, loads plugins too,
but all midi functions are dead with the arm64 versions.
Thanks anyway.
  Releaser 10.12.2021 109 142
just PM me and explain in more detail.
  Resident 6.10.2011 1 517
Ok. Will do
  Member 2.07.2020 12
m1 not working here on monterey

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