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Software, Windows, Mac OSX, Samples, multi-libraries
Toontrack Singer-Songwriter EZX WiN macOS (SOUNDBANK) screenshot
P2P | 13 May 2022 | WiN : 4.7 GB / macOS : 3.7 GB

A broad collection of drums – tailored for acoustic pop, Americana, folk and more.
Some productions don’t call for big reverbs, pumping side-chain compression or excessive amounts of saturation, just the bare, unscripted and acoustic truth. Presenting a collection of nuanced, sparse, mellow and mature-sounding kits, the Singer-Songwriter EZX is an homage to just that. Welcome to the epitome of a bespoke drum library for any selective songwriter who considers the raw, unbridled voice of a drum kit as much of a storyteller as the song itself.

The Singer-Songwriter EZX was recorded in a choice room, relatively small and transparent to ensure minimum ambient coloration. In total, it includes five full kits recorded with sticks as well as one configuration and several additional instruments sampled with brushes. To paint the broadest picture possible, each kit was handpicked for its contrasting qualities, character and tonal complexity. Seeking to deliver the most homogeneously composed kits, the selective process was scrutinized in extreme detail – from the matching of heads with tuning and cymbal sizes with drum timbres down to the delicacy of the drummer’s stroke.

The result is the consummate collection of organic, full-bodied and warm-sounding drums for laid-back train beats, smooth, brushed pocket grooves or any steady backbeat. Welcome to let touch, tone and timbre define the backbone of the rhythm section on your next Americana, folk, acoustic pop or other track filed under the amazing width of the singer-songwriter genre.

•A collection of drum kits tailored for acoustic pop, rock, indie, folk and any style associated with the singer-songwriter genre
•Five full drum kits sampled with sticks
•One full kit configuration as well as several snares and cymbals sampled with brushes
•Four full cymbal setups, four hi-hats and 14 snares in total
•One hi-hat-mounted tambourine as well as three handheld, three shakers, hand claps and more
•Includes presets for a wide range of mix-ready drum tones
•Comes with a basic collection of MIDI tailored for each kit

6 GB free disk space, 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended).
A working EZdrummer 2.2.1 (or above) or a Superior Drummer 3.2.4 (or above) installation.

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  Contributor 11.10.2014 2346 8306
Rapidgator | KatFile
  Member 21.06.2018 14 3040
Single Link or Parts
  Contributor 1.04.2014 716 5546
Uploaded | Rapidgator | Nitroflare
  Resident 14.05.2013 4 151
Thanks hidera wait for other unreleased ones
  Resident 26.01.2019 15 1132
quote by UnforgivenThanks hidera wait for other unreleased ones

I thought this was the only one that was never released ?
  Member 29.08.2019 94
Nice to see this one being released here as well
Looking forward to giving it a try and seeing how the softer character of this bank could alter my music. Thanx for sharing.
Too old to make a difference.
  Resident 26.01.2019 15 1132
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 7.11.2013 58
This one, and the Gospel EZX are great for more natural, non-overhyped drums. Love them :)
  Resident 26.01.2019 15 1132
? I'd recommend the Vintage library over Gospel for what you have just described, as Gospel is very stylised. "Overhyped drums" in the modern gospel sense...
Amazed you downloaded this here and tested it so quickly to have that viewpoint
  Member 17.11.2014 140
  Resident 26.01.2019 15 1132
The usage of the SSL Duality is kind of a selling point for the library, but I'd say the mics and the space were just as important, if not more so.
  Member 17.11.2014 140
I was actually referring to the Duality EZX that hasn't been released yet...
  Member 18.02.2016 90
this is pretty old though right? Or has this been updated?
  Resident 26.01.2019 15 1132
quote by James Hillthis is pretty old though right? Or has this been updated?

Both are true, although the first statement is irrelevant imo.*
It's an older library just like Modern and Vintage, which are also brilliant, but it opens in both EZD2 and now EZD3 with the bigger GUI so I guess this is the updated version ! Also for SD3.
*Plus this library has never been shared before, regardless of how old it is.
  Member 21.10.2013 74
  Member 2.07.2015 2 55
the Comment has been Removed

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