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Software, Windows, Mac OSX
Output Arcade v2.2.0.R18263 Update Installer Incl. KeyFile [WIN macOS]-FLARE screenshot
Team FLARE | 02 May 2022 | WiN: 778 MB | macOS: 509 MB

A new kind of synthesizer
Arcade is a sample playground with new content delivered every day and tools to transform it all so it sounds like you. It even works with your own loops.

The line up

Fully loaded with 40+ product lines. New content delivered every single day.

What's new in Arcade
Brand new Arpeggiator feature in the Notes Engine
Learn Page improvements
Bug fixes

Download this release if you want to update and already installed our previous 2.0.5, 2.0.6, 2.0.7, 2.1.0 release(s)

Use our utility tool to import the library content release(s)

Big Thanks to Team R2R for helping out on this release and for their big knowledge!

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  Resident 29.11.2016 15 696
A couple of questions if you allow bro: can I also update an old version 1 with this release?
Is the scrolling of the kits always so slow or has the navigation problem been solved?
Thanks in advance for any info about it.
  Member 5.08.2021 5
lol bruh im coming from 1.6.1 im wondering the same thing too. i also need to know if it will make me re import all those packs cause that was mad annoying lol and difficult
  Resident 8.06.2021 693
You'll want to use the fresh install. This is for people with at least the 2.0.5 version you can find here.
I was drunk when I wrote this
  Member 24.08.2013 35
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 26.08.2013 888
Flare Thanks for the uploaded links. I can use until my account expires soon.
  Member 11.08.2017 16 18
Does anyone know how to solve the problem that the interface of arcade cannot be clicked in Ableton 11.1.1?
Works fine in other DAWs...
  Resident 10.09.2018 1 625
Great stuf, Thanks Flare!
  Member 8.02.2018 32
Nothing changed.. scrolling issue still there..
  Member 3.02.2014 32 55
try clean install
  Member 3.02.2014 32 55
scrolling is more faster now.
  Resident 29.11.2016 15 696
I've already completely removed version 1 from my system and now I'll try to install this (of course I've already downloaded the full version as well). I hope you're right and that the scroll speed is acceptable ....
  Member 22.12.2020 9 30
Anything to report back?

I keep getting the slow loading and slow scrolling too.

Very frustrating.
  Member 24.08.2013 35
Dear Micky
One way to make it more easier for me is to do "save as" and rename every single sampler kit name with some identical extra name added to them. Let say.. "AFH" for "After Hour" (example : "AFH-Night Shift") When you save as and changing name, There will be dialog box for you to select... 1. "Contain kit UUID" and 2. "Generate new UUID". if choose 1. it seems like it rename the original patch with newer name. if choose 2. it will save new patch in to your user area (your stuff), this is good when you edited the patch for your own flavour. This process may be the paintaking process, but you don't need to hurry. I believe if you passed thru the longer importing utility job as well, this job will take a lot more quicker. Let do it as long as you still not boring. But when all task done. Everytime you type the keyword in search box (like "AFH" I described above), the whole library that contained a keyword you added will popup to you seperately without the long slow scrolling again.

BTW. it may be a little annoying, because everytime you do save as it will automatically added _2 to your name that need you to erase it everytime.

One thing I need to tell, You must be careful when click on the symbol "..." and both previous-next arrow. click it precisely... if you click missed the symbol it will take you back to the browser. But if you're maintain good focusing, after save as done, you can click next patch to do the rename continuosly.
  Banned 3.06.2021 141
hey what if I downlaoded everythin arcade has to offer in a legit way and then do the crackin. will I keep everythin? Cuz I think I did and all my beats play every kit I used but when I start a new arcade I dont see all the stuff...
  Resident 29.11.2016 15 696

I installed this version from scratch having removed the old version 1 and I must say that the scoll is still awful ... I thought it got better but I was wrong !! It's practically impossible to move within the many kits present since the Lines are only available if Arcade is online. In this way it's possible to navigate within the banks and then select one of the available presets / kits. I'll probably remove Arcade from my system unless Flare finds a way to make the Lines and Presets available offline as well. In this way it's absolutely impossible to be able to use it quickly within a project and we all know how important speed is to waste as little time as possible in the programming phase!

So to conclude, I can say with absolute certainty that the methods to make this release operational to its fullest potential are to make the Lines and presets available even offline, in order to be able to easily choose what you need for your work,.....or have a written list of all the presets available for each kit as it was present in the tool version 1 if I remember correctly, at least in this way it would be possible to write the name of the presets you are interested in the section dedicated to research and avoid the pain of scrolling! I looked for a list in pdf or other format but I didn't find anything useful!

I hope that Flare makes a last effort to be able to solve this problem also to validate all the time it had to take to be able to crack Arcade which I know for sure was not cheap! Having said that, we just have to be grateful for all the work that teams like Flare and others dedicate, without asking for anything in return, to Mac users always a bit sidelined by all the hacker teams.

This is my personal thought that must absolutely not arouse reason for conflict as has already happened at other times. I'll not be drawn into futile and useless discussions that will not contribute to the improvement of this already excellent work undertaken by Flare.

Peace for all bros!
  Member 28.08.2018 56
Couldn't agree more!!
  Member 27.12.2020 21
Feels so wrong asking this but can this be installed over the Moria release?
  Member 17.09.2017 2 128
Grey screen when I open the plugin AU/VST/VST3
macOS Sonoma
M1 Apple Silicon
  Member 20.09.2015 320
Can anyone tell me how to install the original Output Arcade Sound Library Content featuring quite a few lines/libraries (,1,4,191275-download_output-arcade-sound-library-content-flare.html) in a way that it all works in this version 2 of the software, please???
  Member 20.09.2015 320
Guys, is there any way to get the old version 1 content library to install/work with this version 2 please?
  Member 21.11.2022 2
Hello i have a question.. why when using flare i can't click "LINES" just the search ... thanks for answering
  Member 3.02.2023 2
Hi there, I just installed the app. I successfully followed all the steps for downloading and installation, however, upon opening the app, it showed that I was offline and there was an update available to version 2.4.1 which I have installed. I have not yet installed all the necessary libraries. Should I consider uninstalling this version and reinstalling an earlier version (2.2.0) (the one that this download provides) to avoid potential issues? Or should I be fine and continue with the installation process?

When I updated it, it added a few libraries that were not there before. It says "preview unavailable offline". Is there a way to fix that? Thank you for your help.
  Member 12.05.2015 3 18
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 4.12.2022 3
where can i download the utility tool?
  Member 8.02.2012 372
anyone know how long it takes to import a line? want to be sure its working and not hanging thanks
  Member 8.04.2017 8
Can someone help me how to get ARCADE working on a Mac?

I'm not stupid but I can't get it to work. Could someone be so nice and explain the installation procedures step-by-step?

I did everything accordingly and blocked the app with Little Snitch but every time I open it it tells me to login but I can't because I'm offline.

Can someone tell me which versions to get and what update to do! PLEASE?!
  Member 5.09.2022 2 77
is there any way to fix that infinite scrolling issue? Tried to re-install, installed different versions, then updated - still the same; infinite scroll after importing more than one library.

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