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Inertia Sound Systems Granulizer 2 v2.3.0b WiN MAC LiNUX screenshot
P2P | 15 January 2022 | Size : WiN - 176 MB / MAC - 211 MB / LiN - 180 MB
GRANULIZER 2 is a granular synthesis software synthesizer intended for creative sound design.

It features a very versatile DSP engine that is able to deliver a wide sound palette, with sounds varying from metallic crunch and grainy fuzziness to smooth reverb-like tones, spectral widening or chaotic soundscapes.

•High quality audio engine that performs time-stretching, pitch-shifting, granular resynthesis and spectrum manipulation
•Diffusion effect for wide droney sounds (think spectral reverb)
•Spectral Shaping
•Frequency shifter for atonal variations
•Grain warping
•Control over subtle randomization of certain internal parameters ("Magic" knob)
•High quality diffusion delay effect for droney soundscapes
•Waveform view with loop selection, zoom in / out
•A portable and intuitive preset system
•Explanatory on-screen tooltips on mouse hover over the parameters.
•Minimal, clean UI

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  Member 25.03.2021 6 30
the previous (r2r if i'm not mistaken) release were crashing like crazy,if anyone tries this one please reply here regarding how stable this is.
  Resident 15.01.2015 45
I've got a legit copy of this and the VST2 is stupidly unstable for me. The VST3 works well though so I would advise trying that if possible.
  Member 20.05.2014 618
Where is the keygen ? thanks
  Member 25.03.2021 6 30

use the keygen from here
  Member 7.03.2014 6 376
For me the R2R keygen from v2.1.0 release didn't work with this v2.3.0b! I hit activate and the nothing..

Ok, works .. selected wrong product! ^^
  Member 24.02.2021 9 12
why this folder __MACOSX included in win and linux versions?
  Member 15.04.2017 113
because WiN MAC LiNUX
  Member 24.02.2021 9 12
in mean i downloded Win version only but found folder __MACOSX inside rar!
  Resident 8.07.2021 464
Because the equivalent of Explorer.exe on Mac (called "the Finder") often adds this little folder inside archives (for technical reasons you don't care). You can delete this folder on windows if you want, or not, whatever, it changes nothing.

It simply indicates that the archive was created on macOS. Yes, on mac you can perfectly create files that are compatible with other OSes.
I'm alive!!! :D Isn't it astounding??? ;)
  Member 3.03.2020 179
Version 2019 is here on this site
With its keygen

But when I used it
With this program opened
No system I.D. was shown at all
And keygen doesnot get it automatically

So, still on Demo Mode
I'm here , That's more than enough !!
  Member 8.07.2013 399
quote by aeay2007Version 2019 is here on this site
With its keygen

But when I used it
With this program opened
No system I.D. was shown at all
And keygen doesnot get it automatically

So, still on Demo Mode

There is the I.D, at the bottom of the authorization pop-up window, look again. You can't copy it, you have to write it down into the keygen.
  Member 3.03.2020 179
Many thanks to you my friend

I Did not see it really
I'm here , That's more than enough !!
  Resident 29.12.2014 69
Make sure that the device ID on keygen matches your device ID at the bottom (in small fine print text)
  Resident 17.02.2014 9 653
Has anyone tried to download and install the Friction and Dimension Grains package?
Anyway For me there was no need to authorize as I had already previously authorized with R2R KG.

Edit: To install also Friction and Dimension Grains package, Install Granulizer and while it's on demo mode, from the icon next to the setup button, in the upper right, download and install the above mentioned packages.
So after that you can lock the hosts as indicated in the attached instructions and authorize with R2R KGen.

Pay attention because there is a new location for presets and data. The new location is in /Users/Shared/Inertia Sound Systems/Plugin Presets/Granulizer 2,

In case you have already previously authorized the previous version, it's better:

-temporarily remove the license file "granulizer2.aiu" from the path:
/Users/Library/Application Support/Inertia Sound Systems/Granulizer 2/
-unlock the hosts if you previously blocked it,
-download the two missing packages,
- lock the hosts as instructions
-replace the license file
-enjoy this wonderful tool.
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  Member 10.06.2021 21
This contribution is because of me. I had downloaded the 2019 version which was buggy (as in the actual plugin was buggy running on Big Sur) and on top of that, the keygen wasn't working. So as a hail mary, I downloaded the legit installer directly from the website and tried RSRs keygen with that and it worked! So I decided I wanted to share that with the community since I spend a lot of time taking and haven't really given anything yet. I read the requirements to post it on here (with detailed instructions etc) but it was a headache and it didn't seem like I qualified. Especially since I don't want to make accounts with the downloader sites. We should allow torrents on here.

Anyway - instead I shared the torrent on audionews. Today I see my post was deleted on audionews and now suddenly this package appears on here.

Can I say that the some of the senior people in this community, not just here but at audionews and in general are kind of d***s for operating this way. If it's for some technical reason that it had to be reposted, then some acknowledgment should at least be given to the original contributor, in this case, me. I've seen other people also complain of having their contributions deleted from audionews only to have it reposted by one of the main, regular contributors, taking all credit and of course helping their ratio on audionews. The little guys in the community suffer.

Next time I won't bother.

Anyway - I hope people enjoy using this.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1812 14127
Torrent are allowed and implemented here. You should PM me if you need explanations.
  Resident 14.05.2017 385
For me is correctly authorized but crashed a couple of times on both Reaper and Ableton Live 11.

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