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Software, Windows, Mac OSX
Sonic Extensions Seismic Shock For Omnisphere 2 [WIN MacOSX]-FLARE screenshot
Team FLARE | 14 November 2021 | 3.15 GB

When it’s time for the Nuclear Option…

Sonic power reigns supreme in Seismic Shock™. By fusing epic sounds with the next-level Seismic FX, a vast amount of new terrain is covered – from throbbing rhythms to highly playable sounds. Designed for producers in search of maximum impact, you’ll unearth an arsenal of killer tools in Seismic Shock for all kinds of modern production.

• Created by veteran producer/sound designer Seth Norman
• Exclusive new “Seismic Pump” extreme side-chaining effect!
• Exclusive new “Seismic Verb” epic animated reverb effect!
• Nearly 2,000 powerful sounds in eleven categories
• Super versatile range – from highly playable to brutal noises
• Lethal Nitrogen Oscillator sounds captured at NASA Labs!
• Unique Custom Controls for radically creative manipulation
• Features brand new, aggressive Seismic Wavetables
• Trigger Scenes for on-the-fly performance transformations
• Dramatic Wheel tricks for impressive modulations
• Requires Omnisphere 2.8 or higher

Once installed, use the R2R Spectrasonics KeyGen (not included) to re-authorize and use the library.

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  Resident 30.11.2018 1 188
Thank you soooo much Flare!
  Resident 22.11.2009 370
fantastic relaease, but does not work with legit 2.8.1
  Member 25.02.2016 73
So what?
  Resident 30.11.2018 1 188
Ok,installation for Seismic Shock and Unclean Machine works with
"Spectrasonics Omnisphere v2.8.1c FULL Update WIN" (Works only with this update!)

No Keygen needed for this two libraries.

Unfortunately not Nylon Sky and Seismic Shock.
Here I think I have to do it manually .... but I have some difficulties where I should move all files.

Has anyone managed it and could explain it exactly, step by step if possible.

Many thanks in advance.
  Resident 31.07.2017 87
Part 3 of this on uploaded working for anyone else?
  Member 1.05.2015 71
No on my side either.
  Member 6.12.2011 30
also does not load
  Member 8.08.2021 126
always the same issues with uploaded... this hoster has nothing but problems.....
  Member 4.06.2014 10
yeah man also need part3
  Resident 5.06.2013 101
same. If one of y'all has it, please pm
  Member 1.05.2019 40
this one giving me errors on installation.

Unclean machine worked perefectly.


Got it working by moving the folder to the root of my C Drive and installing from there!
  Member 2.09.2021 3 7
thanks man this helped me out!
  Member 6.11.2021 7
Works perfectly on Big Sur with 2.8.0 installed. No keygen needed.

For any Mac users in general who have issues with installers:
Change "Installations.dat" to ".Installation.dat".
  Resident 29.12.2014 69
If it doesnt work with legit version of Omni, that would suck for me
  Member 18.09.2021 9
this works, but doesn install the windows installation. copy only the steam folder and put in omnisphere data. with windows installation = index. only FX Work with instalation for windows. only copy the steam folder
  Member 14.05.2020 31
I had no problem downloading from uploaded, I didn't use jdownloader.
Installed on windows 10 first go. But I could not find it when I opened Omnisphere in my daw. So I opened the standalone and there it was.
Re opened Omnisphere in my daw and hey !! there it was and fully working.
  Resident 18.06.2019 62 248
For me no need for 2.8.1c !
Works perfectly on High Sierra, Logic Pro 10.2.1 and Omnisphere app
Works with Omnisphere 2.8.0d
Just installed and that's it, no keygens needed.
Thanks again Flare !!!
The sounds are MONSTERY !!!
Action is music. Charlie Chaplin
  Member 10.09.2018 2 531
Me love Sonic Extensions Velly Velly Muchos! Thank you!
  Member 17.11.2013 30
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 14.09.2012 1 96
It doesn't show up in Omnisphere's browser

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