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Software, Windows
Arturia FX Collection 2 (WiN) [MORiA] screenshot
MORiA | June, 8 | VST | VST3 | 4.6 GB
History’s finest outboard effects, console components, and iconic pedals, meticulously researched and modeled in detail. Cutting-edge algorithms and enhancements, tailor-made for today’s producers, composers, creators. Spanning everything from classic analog compressors to timeless contemporary reverbs, this collection unites every tool you need to professionally mix, master, and customize every aspect of your sound. Inspiration in the mix. The premium sound of industry-leading studios, the trailblazing creativity of contemporary effects, the immediate flexibility of cutting-edge software.

What's inside:
EQ_SITRAL-295__1_0_0_2663 (New Plugin)
Bus_FORCE__1_0_0_2663 (New Plugin)
Comp_DIODE-609__1_0_0_2663 (New Plugin)

REQ: Operating Systems:
Windows 8.1 or higher
Plugin Formats: VST, VST3

____.-===/// \\\===-.____

This release has been exclusively provided to AudioZ


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  Resident 5.08.2014 231
Great! Thanks for this fast release!
Siemens 295
AMS Neve 33609 Stereo Compressor
Plus a digital stereo buss included in this update.

This seems to work good for the time. it took more than one scanning to show up in FL studio after uninstalling the Arturia Center. Strange because the dll's were there.
  Member 7.10.2018 13 281
can this co-exist with other legit releases like on mac?
  Member 7.10.2018 13 281
surprisingly the answer is yes!
  Member 20.12.2015 247
THANK You.... Where the AAX ?
  Resident 3.06.2012 3 281
4,6GB FOR FX?? More than waves!
  Resident 31.05.2010 1826
And alot less plugins Waves has easely c:a 300 FX plugins and thís is less than 25 LOL..
I guess 95% (maybe even more?) of the size GUI files
  Resident 2.08.2015 687
The vast, vast majority of it is GUI. Arturia has their entire interface stored as PNGs in multiple resolutions. It takes forever to install. Really puts me off Arturia, to be honest. Their bundles are the largest thing installed on my computer. They look pretty though.
  Member 15.10.2017 717
Yeah- I wonder if they are that good, but i have the space and installed them, so i will get this as update.
One day i will try them - LOL
  Member 30.11.2020 14 462
It is around 3.5GB. The rest is the "K'd" files that you need to replace the original VSTs and VST3s.

Each FX is around 200mb in average, the smallest is 75mb for Dimension D, and around 310mb for the newer Diode 609.
people do become slaves to their own easiest techniques
  Resident 12.03.2012 6 379
Beautiful guis and good sounding. Also great scaling on 4k screen.
  Member 26.05.2020 10
Thanks for the tip. Funny I learned about the upgrade here... and I own the products :)
  Member 3.12.2019 87
without aax
  Member 30.11.2020 14 462
WIN10 64bit. VST & VST3

I've installed everything from this bundle, some important notice:

1. It will install Arturia Software Centre that will run the moment you start up the DAW. Open the Task Manager and "End Task" it after the Daw scanned everything.

2. Close DAW, then uninstall the Arturia Software Centre, because you don't need it.

3. I've yet to try everything from this bundle, but all 3 new FXs plus few other FXs run perfectly without the Arturia Software Centre alongside all the V.R Keys & Synths releases. I've only tested 4 of them (synths), no problem so far.

4. It is around 3.5GB for the installation files. The rest is the "K'd" files that you need to replace the original VSTs and VST3s. Each FX is around 200mb in average, the smallest is 75mb for Dimension D, and around 310mb for the newer Diode 609.

5. The Bus Force is freaking awesome! lol
people do become slaves to their own easiest techniques
  Resident 5.08.2014 231
If you uninstall the Arturia Center you uninstall everything from this release...
How you were able to use them ?

EDIT: The plugins are still there after uninstalling Arturia Center, just weren't show up in Plugin manager...
  Member 30.11.2020 14 462

I went into the Control Panel, Uninstall, then search for the "Arturia Software Center" then I uninstalled it. That is just how I did it. I even restart the machine after.
people do become slaves to their own easiest techniques
  Member 19.12.2019 84
i hope this Moria FX 2 will not unregisterer the V.R sinth collection . then Unirorm saids; "This release installed Arturia service center and unregistered all the releases from VR. including synths" . . . by the way.., thank you Moria!
  Member 30.11.2020 14 462
it's working perfectly here.
people do become slaves to their own easiest techniques
  Resident 5.08.2014 231
Here too, sorry if i misled you. probably my fault that didn't check the directories for .dll leftovers. They just weren't show up in plugin manager after uninstalling the Arturia center.
it took 2 normal scans and they showed up in third deep scan.
  Member 19.12.2019 84
ok, wonderful thank you Unirorm, Stevie Dude, Moira and Arturia!
  Resident 27.10.2012 218
Thank you MORiA
  Member 17.11.2013 151
This is worth it just for the recreated preamps, the 636 Spring which sounds like the old Fender twin spring and Neve 1073 simulation (1973 they call it).
  Member 14.05.2020 4 79
Thanks for the effort but I will wait for Team VR release. No offence.

Easy custom installer and works amazing. No hassle of replacing files. Won't install unnecessary arturia center..Less size
  Member 17.07.2018 171
And everyone can share VR and provide better, faster hosters for non-members.
  Member 12.11.2018 2 36
Will be doing the same thing
  Member 13.04.2015 11
The only Problem with VR Release is that you cant have custom instal folder
  Member 7.06.2014 177
Thank you MORiA
  Member 17.07.2018 171
the Comment has been Removed
  Resident 31.05.2010 1826
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 6.03.2018 296
Is it working on Windows 7?
  Resident 31.05.2010 1826
If you can install it it will work i say 99% of all plugins that say requires minimun win 10 or later can work on win 7 if you managed to extract all files and install the plugin manuallyy hopefully Rev or R2R will make a Win7 compatible installers for all those new win10 only plugins like Tone Empire Neatskillz like they did with Melodyne

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