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Software, Windows
UJAM Virtual Bassists Bundle v1.0.1-V.R screenshot
Team V.R|Win32/64; AAX*, VSTi|51MB
Three Musical Flavors

UJAM Virtual Bassists Bundle v1.0.1-V.R screenshot
ROYAL is a fingered electric bass that delivers a broad range of professional studio bass sounds and styles.

ROWDY is a loud-mouthed, twangy rock bass, leaning towards saturation and distortion with a rough picked sound and playing style.

MELLOW stands for an acoustic double bass that provides body, bottom end and texture in Jazz, urban and soul genres.
0. use downloaders to download & install software
1. apply patch

Team V.R

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  Resident 29.05.2011 1 341
Just a note if you are not familiar with this, you need to download the libraries for these. I believe all 3 are here.
  Member 8.02.2017 4
Thanks for the info
  Resident 30.12.2017 410
I think I saw an R2R release of these a while ago? Must be older version perhaps? But from what I remember those versions did not require any downloads, they were completely offline.
  Resident 10.08.2010 348
the whole thing is about 15Gb.
Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.
  Member 20.06.2016 7
v1.0.0 --> so so SOOooOooO long loading time.
v1.0.1. --> instantly loading time
Good job!! VR bro
  Member 12.10.2018 197
That sounds good. Did you do a complete uninstall of the R2R versions and re-download everything? I was wondering if the patch from this can turn the R2R release into v1.01.
  Member 17.10.2013 307
These downloaders keep failing at 97% - could not connect to server. What is wrong?? It's not my firewall.
  Member 30.05.2015 11
Hi, Question, can you download this on pc1 and the download install on pc2?
  Member 29.12.2018 24
It seems simply downloads the .exe and data to the folder from which you run the downloader. So after downloading, you still have to install it. So you can install it on any PC
  Member 29.05.2015 322
I don't understand a saw. So ... how do you install this thing?
  Member 20.06.2016 7
You can try " demo version & download" at Official site. they gives a demo link.
that's same (official demo link file = vr demo down load)

1. Install demo
2. VR patched
3. done
  Resident 15.09.2011 1 2509
I wonder how they sound? Is it worth the download? Judging by their demo videos - yes. I like it. I like the guitars and drummer very much, too. Especially "Iron" and "Heavy".

Thank you so much V.R!
"The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited
  Member 12.10.2018 197
If we already have R2R v1 release, Can we just d/l the demo file for the base plugin or do we need to d/l the large libraries again also?
  Member 15.10.2017 234
Good question. I already have R2Rs Royal & Rowdy. I am assuming R2R did not need to modify the libraries, but even if that is the case, they may have been updated.
I put the Libraries ("xxx.blob" files) on another drive and will try uninstalling the R2R and installing this and using the libraries I have already.
Even if they work fine it's possible they have been modified / updated in some way, so it would be nice to know.
I am downloading Mellow library right now and will DL the others, then check to see if they seem to be the same, but I am not sure what "byte-to-byte" checker I'd use.
EDIT: I realized separating install for 1.0.1 from the downloaded setup isn't something I'd be able to do. I used inno unpacker to unpack the downloaded installs, and also to unpack the patch, and maybe I will try using the patched 64 bit DLL as a test, but trying to properly place everything is probably beyond my skillz
Reading through the install scripts is interesting but I am not gonna try to mess with it
Not sure if it is possible to just run the patch to update the VST dlls...
I know there are people who can separate this stuff in their sleep, but I can only do it in my dreams !
  Member 15.10.2017 234
When running the patch, beware it creates a "uJam" subfolder within the folder you select for VST DLLs. The original installers did NOT create a subfolder, but chose what i typed in (as it should be, with the boxes containing the actual paths as the last step before clicking "Install").

This is a common error not only in patches, but with installation programs in general, both official and "unofficial". The logic of placing what is to be placed WHEREVER THE TYPED PATH IS would prevent this error, but it is admittedly better to find files wrongly placed into a new subfolder, than to find them scattered throughout other files contained in the typed target's parent folder.
Seems that would have been noticed / realized, but anyway...

You may need to move the patched DLLs from the newly created subfolder into the proper folder.

Being able to place the libraries (.blob files) independent of the VSTi install would be the optimum setup, as well.
Not that i am complaining

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