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99Sounds Water Sounds SFX WAV [FREE] screenshot
31/07/2023 | WAV | 700 MB
Water Sounds is a free collection of ocean sounds, river sounds, and water stream sounds recorded by Régis Royer. Water audio recordings are useful for various audio-visual projects, being an essential part of a sound artist’s SFX toolkit.

They are indispensable as foley sounds for movies and video games. You can also use water sounds as sound effects, sleep sounds, or as source material for your sound design projects.

Régis recorded these free water sounds during a road trip around Iceland. He used a Zoom H5 and a couple of Line Audio CM3 microphones with a 20mm Rycote Baby Ball windscreen.

He aimed to provide the user with water sounds that can loop seamlessly to create a long water ambiance.

The library includes 45 water loops with perfect start and endpoints. The sounds are provided in 48kHz, 24 bits, stereo WAV format. The total runtime is 40 minutes.

The included sounds are UCS-compliant and have embedded metadata.

Using Water Sounds as Sound Effects in Movies
Sound effects play a pivotal role in shaping the overall atmosphere and mood of movies, videos, and various multimedia projects.

Among these, water sounds stand out as one of the most commonly used foley sounds. They can enhance the realism of on-screen action but also evoke specific emotions.

The sounds of rain are often used in nostalgic and melancholic scenes to enhance the atmosphere. Similarly, the sounds of large crashing waves can make a scene more dramatic.

Water Sounds for Music Production
Water sounds can play a similar role in music. The sounds of ocean waves can enhance your music with a relaxing atmosphere. They can also be used to evoke a nostalgic feeling in genres like synthwave and lo-fi hip-hop.

Our free Water Sounds collection is compatible with all digital audio workstations. You can import the WAV files to your DAW and use them to enhance your music.

Benefits of Water Sounds
The calming nature of water sounds can enhance our focus and help us fall asleep.

I often use rain sounds as the sonic backdrop when falling asleep. Water sounds, including the sounds of rain and ocean waves, are among the best sounds for sleep.

The sounds included in our free Water Sounds library are perfectly looped. You can play them in your favorite audio player and use them to improve your focus and sleep.

Let’s quickly explore how the sounds of water can improve your concentration and sleep patterns.

Water Sounds for Improved Focus
Playing water sounds like ocean waves can create a calm atmosphere that improves focus and productivity. The gentle sounds of water can drown out distracting noises and help you concentrate better on the task at hand.

Also, stress is a major barrier to concentration and productivity. Water sounds have a calming effect, helping to reduce stress levels and clearing the mind to help you focus on the task at hand.

I often play ocean sounds or rain sounds in my headphones when working, especially when I’m in a loud environment like a cafe or a public space.

The samples included in our Water Sounds collection are perfect for this because they’re already looped.

Water Sounds for Restful Sleep
Listening to water sounds before going to bed can help your body relax. The sounds of crashing waves and water streams have a calming effect, making it easier for you to fall asleep.

This is especially true if you live in a noisy place where there are lots of disruptive sounds. Listening to water sounds can create a more peaceful environment for you to sleep in, allowing you to rest better.

If you have trouble sleeping, water sounds can be a great way to support your sleep and encourage better rest. I regularly play ocean sounds and rain sounds as part of my bedtime routine to help me fall asleep.

Our free Water Sounds library contains 45 looped water sounds recorded by Régis Royer. The sounds are provided in 24-bit WAV format (48 kHz stereo).

The library is UCS-compliant with embedded metadata.


45 water sounds (looped)
Ocean sounds
Wave Sounds
Beach Sounds
Stream sounds
Boiling sounds
24-bit 48 kHz stereo WAV format
Embedded metadata
738 MB download size (ZIP archive)

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