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sound effects, loops, presets, patches, impulses

17/05/2023 | WAV | ABLETON LiVE iNSTRUMENTS | 360 MB
Gritty, emotive, cinematic, fragile, and evolving.

A comprehensive collection of unstable, and asynchronous loops, created using iconic vintage synths, instruments, and noises, recorded straight to tape and meticulously looped. These loops can be played as expressive morphing Ableton instruments, or simply used as the spark for a song. They feature subtle to wild pitch modulation, drones, melodic hooks, tape noise, drop outs, filtering, and the wonderful overdrive that tape saturation offers.

Key Highlights:

All loops were made recording sources to hand crafted tape loops
The loops were then further processed using tape playback functions such as pitch, reverse, on board EQ, and run through various fx pedals
The custom Ableton instruments let you easily access and play these loops as an instrument
The morphing presets let you crossfade between the different sampled loops to create an expressive and evolving sound
8 macro controls give you a variety of sonic possibilities for each preset
Loops include 19 Drones, 10 FX Loops, 17 Instrument Loops, 10 Noise Texture Loops, and 30 Melodic & Ostinato Loops
Ableton Presets include 24 Morphing presets, 9 Bass presets, 27 Lead Presets, 15 Pad Presets, and 3 FX presets
Great for creating low-fi pads, textures, drones, adding movement to your tracks, nuanced and constantly evolving chords, noise effects, and anything that demands something homegrown and embraces sound disintegration.

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