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sound effects, loops
Patchbanks Lo-fi Vinyl Static WAV [FREE] screenshot
30/01/2023 | WAV | 1.03 GB
Original vinyl recordings for adding dusty noise, tape saturation and static crackling sounds over lo-fi beats.

The full collection contains 200 creative recordings with extended play time compared to regular vinyl noise sample packs. The samples are arranged in 8 sets with the original master recordings and special effect versions for customizing textures.

Label: Patchbanks
Released: 01/26/2023
Version: Original
Quality: Pro
Genre: Lo-Fi
Related Genres: Hip Hop, Boom Bap, Chillhop
Audio Format: Track
File Format: 24bit Wav
File Size: (unzipped): 1.35GB
Rec. Sources: Analog
Audio Channels: Stereo
Performance: Sound Design, Processed FX
Instrument: Sound FX
Compositions: 25

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