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sound effects, loops
A Sound Effect Ambisonic Sound Effects Premium Pack ACID WAV Free screenshot
29 JUNE 2016 | ACID WAV | 1.90 GB
With the growing need for 3D audio source material for immersive audio experiences and virtual reality, interest in 360-degree ambisonics recordings is booming. Ambisonics recordings offer a huge level of control for 3D surround sound, and can be rendered as regular stereo files too. Want to try ambisonics for yourself? You’re in luck:
To celebrate the addition of 11 new ambisonics sound effects libraries on A Sound Effect (bringing the total to 26 ambisonics SFX libraries), we’re kicking off a special giveaway where you get 1.8 GB of ambisonic recordings from Spheric Collection, absolutely free. That’s 30 individual recordings, getting you more than 50 minutes of premium sound effects total! The giveaway ends July 4th. Hope you enjoy the sounds :)

1.GN00845-Water drips after a big rain close-up perspective-wxyz (1:36)
2.GN00844-Mysterious underground water drips-wxyz (1:37)
3.GN00582-People in the street from next door 3-wxyz (3:45)
4.GN00589-Woman laughs in a concert hall-wxyz (0:25)
5.GN00593-Mountain pasture in spring-wxyz (2:32)
6.GN00596-Talkie walkie on a shooting set-wxyz (1:54)
7.GN00843-Happy new year count down in French-wxyz (0:16)
8.GN00512-Roomtone light activity creaks and wind-wxyz (1:32)
9.GN00532-Office background Voices and activity-wxyz (5:36)
10.GN00537-Hotel room activity in the corridor or the lobby-wxyz (1:19)
11.GN00547-Bathroom water droplets-wxyz (2:29)
12.GN00558-Wooden floor group footsteps-wxyz (0:37)
13.GN00579-Musicians come on stage-wxyz (1:28)
14.GN00369-Wind open House Interior-wxyz (1:15)
15.GN00380-Wind under the Roof short Bursts-wxyz (1:50)
16.GN00392-Dog Bark In the distance-wxyz (1:55)
17.GN00411-Frogs croaks near a pond-wxyz (1:15)
18.GN00446-Riverside in the Thai countryside-wxyz (1:08)
19.GN00253-Shopping mall metallic activities-wxyz (2:32)
20.GN00259-Hospital stairs distant voice-wxyz (2:16)
21.GN00260-Hospital corridor-wxyz (4:28)
22.GN00339-Desert Wind in Dry Grass-wxyz (1:28)
23.GN00362-Strong wind in dry grass rushes-wxyz (2:56)
24.GN00223-Train brake depressurization GP-wxyz (0:03)
25.GN00224-Train brake depressurization GP 2-wxyz (0:13)
26.GN00250-Shopping mall gallery dense-wxyz (1:56)
27.GN00251-Shopping mall gallery quiet-wxyz (2:13)
28.GN00252-Shopping mall entrance hall-wxyz (1:16)
29.GN00101-strong rain and shower under a sheet metal roof-wxyz (0:56)
30.GN00112-Colony of seagulls sea 2-wxyz (0:43)

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A Sound Effect Ambisonic Sound Effects Premium Pack ACID WAV
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