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Øon3 African Instruments KONTAKT screenshot Øon3 African Instruments KONTAKT | 37.3 MB
African Instruments is many rare and very usable piece’s to add to any production you may be working on. Ive always been intrigued by the culture and the music of all Africa. And Ive always wanted to do a nice simple build , that would be fast to choose your instruments from, and just get to work!!

This is a realitively small package, but dont let the size fool you! Theres TONz of sounds in this and limitless ideas will flow as you begin using these instruments!

Øon3 African Instruments KONTAKT screenshot

Included:( 67.8 meg / 469-Filez / 41-Folderz )
- Balafon
– Berimbau
– Goni & Ngoni
– Karimba
– Kora
– Mvet
– Ocrna
– Sintir
– Valiha
– (Several Percs included also!)

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  Resident 25.11.2010 111
Pre-Orange Tree samples?
  Resident 31.05.2010 1430
Pre-Orange Tree samples?

This is freeware

I believe it is one person who build kontakt lib make skin and scripts to the lib

And then give them all for free for us to try and use here some more if you want
  Resident 21.05.2011 164
For me this team or site is awsome : so many light libs with very good quality for free.....
Means this shall be known by allz
ty for the up
Bonjoir !
  Resident 28.04.2012 7
mm4free: "(Pre-Orange Tree samples?) .....
iz U'z just off yer rocker , 'er watt!!!!!!

My god , if anybody knows Z3RO and this site ; its you!!!!
(ie: your the one who told me about 0on3 site ..... rofl )

  Resident 19.10.2014 26 98

download from free file storage
New Member Here! Greetings!

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