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Trance Euphoria - Main Arena Trance Artists For Sylenth Vol 1 screenshot
Trance Euphoria - Main Arena Trance Artists For Sylenth Vol 1
12.10.2012 | DISCOVER | Sylenth Presets | 109MB

'Main Arena Trance Artists For Sylenth Vol 1' is another stunning Trance pack if you're into Epic, Euphoric, Uplifting and Big Room Trance! This sound set allows you to create your next Trance monster, including remakes of famous sounds and additional sounds from Trance Euphoria, plus a small tutorial on layering sounds to help the beginner.

This sound set is a must-have for any serious Trance producer.


• 1 FXB Bank file
• 128 FXP Patches
• 1 Layering sounds tutorial
• 21 Folders including all Demo content

Patches Breakdown:

• 2 Acid
• 6 Arps
• 3 Arp Basses
• 1 Bass FX
• 2 Chords
• 1 FX
• 4 Pianos
• 33 Leads
• 24 Pads
• 10 Plucks
• 42 Basses

Added sounds from Trance Euphoria and remake sounds from famous artists:

• Clokx - Overdrive (Ron Van Den Beuken Mix) - 3 Patches
• Cern - The Message - 5 Patches
• Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Flaming Clouds (Airbase Mix) - 3 Patches
• Bart Claessen - Persona Non Grata - 3 Patches
• Signum - What U Got 4 Me - 4 Patches
• System F - Exhale - 5 Patches
• Rank 1 Presents Mac J - Perfect Blend - 7 Patches
• Mac J - Nightware - 8 Patches
• Vincent De Moor - Fly Away - 9 Patches
• Push - Strange World - 3 Patches
• Push - The Legacy (Svenson & Gielen Mix) - 4 Patches
• Dash Berlin - Waiting (Sean Tyas Mix) - 5 Patches
• Bjorn Akesson - Perfect Blue - 4 Patches
• 4 Strings - Sundown - 7 Patches
• Nish - Sagittarius (Alphazone Mix) - 7 Patches
• Vascotia - Verano (Sean Tyas Mix) - 8 Patches
• Dusterix - Dusted (Sean Tyas Mix) - 9 Patches
• Darren Styles - Cutting Deep - 5 Patches
• Darren Styles - Save Me - 8 Patches
• Bissen - Exhale (Sean Tyas Mix) - 9 Patches
• Sean Tyas - I Remember Now - 12 Patches

There are 21 folders for each of the above demo,s with all the patches used to re-create the track and the MP3 demo. For example the Dusterix - Dusted (Sean Tyas Mix) folder contains:

• ARB - Dusterix Dusted STM.fxp (Arp Bass) Layer
• BS - Dusterix Dusted STM 1.fxp (1st Bass)
• BS - Dusterix Dusted STM 2.fxp (2nd Bass) Layer
• BS - Dusterix Dusted STM 3 Sub.fxp (3rd Bass Sub)
• LD - Dusterix Dusted STM 1.fxp (1st Lead)
• LD - Dusterix Dusted STM 2.fxp (2nd Lead) Layer
• PD - Dusterix Dusted STM 1.fxp (1st Pad)
• PD - Dusterix Dusted STM 2.fxp (2nd Pad) Layer
• PL - Dusterix Dusted STM.fxp Plucky part for main lead but not as an arpegiation
• The individual demo MP3 file

About The Demos:
The Demos include a selection of "commercial" riffs to demonstrate the commercial viability of this soundset. However, none of the demo's "musical content" (loops) or MIDI files are included in this product, and certain parts of this demo are protected by third-party copyrights, which have not been breached. These popular melodies have been included for example purposes only.

Please Note:
You will need Sylenth Version Beta for the patches/bank to load. You can download this via "Check For Update" within Sylenth's menu.


Trance Euphoria - Main Arena Trance Artists Demos



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  Contributor 3.05.2011 471 3118
thats big disco :) mates
thx for bitshare download with 300kb/s
  Resident 8.02.2007 11 129
300K/sec? Either you have a premium account or You must be living next to the Bitshare server. Here in California it is so slow, 15 Kbit/sec (or less than 2 KByte) per second, that it spontaneously dies from lack of energy.

Please don't gush about how fast a download host is unless you tell us your location so that we can judge if it is worth trying. Those on the other side of the planet can then safely ignore such servers.
Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything. — Joseph Stalin (arguably)
  Contributor 3.05.2011 471 3118
Caithleann, i had really 300 kilobytes/sec with as free user. but on the hand only 3 kilobytes using netload. :S
location somewhere in europe :)
  Resident 8.02.2007 11 129
Somewhere in Europe. That says it all :)

I listened to both tracks that were included and I must say that is pretty antiquated Trance... mid to late 90s. Such Trance is not quite as refined as that made by Daniel Kandi, Adam Nickey Super8 & Tab to name a few of the later Trance gurus.
Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything. — Joseph Stalin (arguably)
  Resident 15.09.2010 107
I put my download onto MiPony and set it to download, enter the captcha about 10 mins later, and turn off the screen. Next morning it should have mostly downloaded, if not, I put the MiPony programe on again to download the rest overnight. I can download about 50mb overnight with the speeds here. I'm thinking of trading this Cray Mainframe in for one of those new computer thingies which save stuff to hard drives instead of 8in magnetic tape or punch cards.
Good to see all here are doing well, Sloppy spitty gummy granny kisses to all,
Love, Minnie Bannister (only 98 years old) >8-{} xxxxxxxxxxxx
  Member 22.02.2015 25
Is there any chance for a re-up, SIR?

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