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Native Instruments Absynth Spectral Expansion screenshot
Absynth Expansion | 60.75 MB
KORE SOUNDSPACKS are sort of like a cross between Pokmon and Voltron. It's hard not to snatch up every single pack that gets added to the collection, especially since each addition component serves to make Voltron stronger. Voltron, in this case, is the Native Instruments Kore 2 Synth Workstation and Free Kore Player, and Native Instruments ABSYNTH SPECTRAL EXPANSION KORE SOUNDPACK forms the head or possibly left arm.

ABSYNTH SPECTRAL EXPANSION is made up of 200 patches created using the powerful Absynth 4 synth engine, and adheres to no theme other than being generally non-soundscape-y and also rad. The previous Absynth collection, ABSYNTH TWILIGHTS, focused more on the ambient capabilities of Absynth, and SPECTRAL EXPANSIONS complements it with a selection of very playable lead instruments, including bass, pads, piano, keys, bells and more.

SPECTRAL EXPANSION also makes use of the "Wave Morphing Features in Absynth 4, and in conjunction with the eight-position Kore 2 sound mod system yields some amazing sounds and effects as you move from one position to the next. Think of it as the Power Sword, the ultimate weapon that only appeared when Voltron moved its massive Lion-Head Hands in the air. Yeah, that's what it's like.

Like all KORE SOUNDPACKS, ABSYNTH SPECTRAL EXPANSION can be used directly with Absynth 4, and can be downloaded directly from the Native Instrument store. Price is only $59 US.

(The sounds in this KORE SOUNDPACK are 100% compatible with the ABSYNTH 4 full version and are not contained in the ABSYNTH 4 factory library)

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  Member 2.11.2013 3 17
Great! But when I open the MACOSX folder and try to run the file, nothing happens... Why is that?

I'm on OS X 10.9.2, Logic 10.0.4
Not enough time to download everything AND make music...
  Resident 4.02.2014 1 105
It's included in the Absynth 5 factory library.
  Resident 28.05.2013 682 3116
my peeplinks off .. send me a PM message
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