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ALTIVERB 7 IR Library - The Great Pyramid of Giza "The King's Chamber" screenshot
ALTIVERB 7 IR Library - The Great Pyramid of Giza "The King's Chamber"
This is an Impulse Response for Altiverb 7. It is best to download and install from within Altiverb's browser. Click the 'news' button there and it will show up.
Audio Ease Impulse Response recording Stats

Engineers: Stellar, Marc Mitchell, Arjen van der Schoot and Aram Verwoest

For several hours in May 2011, in a new Egypt, Master Healer, singer and musician Stellar arranged the King's chamber of the great Pyramid of Giza all for herself.

In that pitch dark resonant chamber in the heart of the pyramid, surrounded by solid Rose Granite and quartz walls 50 meter thick she recorded the vocal tracks for her album 'Sounds of Light'. She also recorded various mantras of love and creation and Lazu Ra Oh, sung in the original "language of Light" which represents the marriage of the Divine Union, the inner balance of the masculine and feminine within.

And then she recorded a number of beautiful impulse responses for Altiverb.

The king's chamber is a lonely, dark, and silent place. It measures 10.47 metres (34.4 ft) from east to west and 5.234 metres (17.17 ft) north to south. It has a flat roof 5.974 metres (19.60 ft) above the floor and is entirely faced with granite. The only object in it is a rectangular granite "sarcophagus".
Apart from a 13 second reverb tail several remarkable resonances can be heard that are connected to 432 Hz, the fundamental of Stellar's native and ultimately natural tone scale and of this Universe.
An interesting way to "experience" this IR of the Kings Chamber is to retune your music and instruments to concert A pitch A = 432Hz and then the true resonance of this ancient chamber can be brought to life for your musical creations.
As can be appreciated in these impulse responses The King's chamber resonates very strongly to an F# chord, and the Kings Chamber coffer resonates to A, which is the Minor third of F-sharp. 729hz and its octaves are the big notes: it is a perfect F-sharp when A is tuned to 432hz. However the modern well tempered F-sharp of 740 Hz (A=440 Hz) is close enough to also bring the room to resonate, especially two octaves down at 185 Hz.

Thank you Marc Mitchell, Stellar's co-writer and producer, for connecting Audio Ease and Stellar.
And thank you, Stellar, for allowing thousands of Altiverb users to sit with you, deep in the oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

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  Resident 24.12.2011 8 241
Great! Now all we need is Altiverb 7....
“There are no two words in the English language more harmful than 'Sick beats'.”
  Resident 19.11.2010 107
there is something suspicious about that uploadmirrors. I tried to use the megashare link and the webpage didn't match the url. Then I tried to log in to megashare and my password wasn't encrypted and didn't work. Because I was getting a weird feeling, I manually went to megashare and I was never even logged out in the first place. This leads me to believe uploadmirrors has serious bugs or has some naughty Phishing.
  guest -- 0
interesting work and upload, i wouldn't easily put those satanic impulses into my music though, you know, that so called curse of the pharaoh playing live through my monitors would give me the creeps LOL. And those instructions with harmonics that resonate into certain frequencies are so tempting to try. damn yes no
  Member 22.12.2011 87
Yea JAnne40 cant wait for Altiverb 7 release damn
  Resident 5.11.2011 194
Mega thanx!!!
"Of course I lied. Now I'm denying it!"

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