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Fabrizio Poce J74 PitchControl Max for Live screenshot
Downloadsize: 14.8mb
J74 PitchControl is a Max for Live tool for real-time synthetic pitch treatment and harmonization. It allows you to manipulate an input signal through pitch-processing stages such as tuning, re-pitching, vocoding, space placement, LFO modulation and to harmonize it up to four voices all in real time and controlled by MIDI. J74 PitchControl has been made primarily with the human voice in mind (although it can be used with anything else). While the tool can be used as a classic T-Pain style auto-tuning effect (for automatic pitch correction), its main goal is to do pitch manipulation and harmonization via MIDI control: you can indeed play the device in real-time (improvising with a keyboard or MIDI controller) or sequence it upfront (using Live MIDI editor), controlling tuning, harmonization and vocoding, at the same time.

Important: J74 PitchControl is an Ableton Live, Max for Live device set. You must have a Max for Live licence to run it (as in Ableton Live Suite) and it will run properly only in Live 10 or higher (older versions of Live are not supported).

Feature Overview of J74 PitchControl

- Real-time input signal MIDI tuning (improvised or sequenced)
- Real-time input signal MIDI harmonization, up to four voices (improvised or sequenced)
- Vocoding, using an external (vocal) signal as modulator
- All of the above, at the same time
- Real-time auto-tuning (scale based)
- Real-time auto-harmonization, up to four voices (by selectable intervals)
- Virtual room mixing and spatial effects (pitch de-tuning, glide, sync and LFO modulation)



Supported Versions:
- Ableton Live 10 and 11 (with embedded Max), Suite or Standard (with Max for Live license)
- Windows versions supported: 10
- Mac OS versions supported: 10.13 and higher

This release is brought to you by myself, exclusively for AudioZ.

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