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Hive 2.1 Beta Izmo Skin by Plugmon screenshot
Skin | 6.31 MB
Hive: lightweight synth, heavyweight sound. Sleek, streamlined and super fast. Hive was built for speed. An effortless workflow, low cpu use and a single page interface means you can build your tracks in no time. Being ‘fast and simple’ does not mean sacrificing sound quality or creative control. Hive is packed with features, controls and enough flexibility to deliver stunning sounds. A lightweight synth with a heavyweight sound.

Izmo has been created by the insanely creative GUI designer Plugmon.
It provides a drastically different look and workflow, letting you experience and explore Hive as if it was a completely new synth, sparking your creativity in exciting, new ways.

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  Member 4.01.2018 3 98
  Resident 19.09.2008 8 344
copy to Hive.Data - Data
I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter
  Resident 5.12.2012 818 21347
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  Member 21.06.2018 15 5464
  Resident 5.02.2013 34 491
Hey, man, thanks for helping out! I have no folder labeled "hive data" (running legit copy) but i assume is the one having "fonts" "images" "modules" "scripts". Do i need to copy each of the folders from this release into its corresponding folder (i. e. "images" to images, "scripts" to scripts) ? And what then? :) Thanks!
  Resident 19.09.2008 8 344
Default path for WIN is "C:\Users\*YOUR USER NAME*\Documents\u-he\\Data"

"Images", "Scripts" is inside
I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter
  Resident 5.02.2013 34 491
Thanks for the quick reply, M5G! I'm on mac here but i'll figure it out! Cheers!
  Member 7.03.2014 6 487

Search for\Support\Themes or where Hive user guide.pdf sit, navigate then to the themes folder!
There must be placed the theme folder Hive 2.1 Beta Izmo Skin by Plugmon.

Search Everything can help here a lot!
  Resident 5.02.2013 34 491
Thanks, Poly!
  Member 11.10.2015 28 361
Hey buddy look in C: drive/ProgramData/u-he/Hive.Data/Data
Just drop 'em in the Data folder.
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  Banned 17.04.2012 519
copy 'Izmo' folder(include images and scripts) to 'themes' in your hive2 folder.
click your preset open it with file manager to find your user folder.
  Resident 19.09.2008 8 344
I mentioned the "replace default skin" method )
I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter
  Member 11.10.2015 28 361
My presets never showed up.
The Book of Pluck
Chapter 1 Verse 1
PLK 1:1 Get yo Money Man!
  Member 16.01.2014 8 223
Try this, in the preset browser, right click Local and select Refresh. If that doesn't do it, do the same for User or any other folder you might have put into your preset directory.
  Member 6.12.2020 5 33
Hey shit, I probably should have put instructions for this. Not sure if I can edit the main post.

This works with the 2.0x versions of Hive2 you can find around Audioz.

How to install:
- Inside of your Hive.Data folder (C:\ProgramData\u-he\, under the "\Support" folder, if there isn't already a folder called "Themes" (capital "T"), create it
- Open the 7zip Izmo archive, and drag or extract the entire "Izmo" top-level folder into the "Themes" folder, so that it's (C:\ProgramData\u-he\\Themes\Izmo)

How to load the new theme inside of Hive:
- Start Hive in your DAW
- Right-click the big blue "HIVE 2" logo in the top-right, this will open a menu which has skin names and graphics scaling options (70-200%)
- From the menu, left-click on "Izmo"


NOTE: The "C:\ProgramData" folder is hidden by default, you need to either disable this setting to see it, or you can copy-paste the path "C:\ProgramData\u-he\" into your Explorer address bar to navigate there directly.
  Resident 22.08.2013 54 255
This is for HIVE 2.1beta and IS INCLUDED with Hive 2.1. It's not for 2.0.x. There are new functions in the GUI and in Hive 2 that does not exist in 2.0.x. Like new filters.
  Member 6.12.2020 5 33
It works perfectly fine with Hive 2.0.x

Have you tried opening this on those versions?
I use Hive v2.0.0.9033, here's a screenshot with my version number in it and the skin loaded:

There are new functions in the GUI and in Hive 2 that does not exist in 2.0.x. Like new filters.

Sure, but then the GUI elements for those FX just won't do anything and you're not any worse off than if you were using the default skin aye?

Also, can you use the v2.1 beta if you don't own a legitimate copy of the software, I thought you had to have a license?
  Resident 22.08.2013 54 255
Okey.. Yea, it's free updates for those of us that already have a license.
I use it in every project I have basically so there's no way I could justify not giving my money to the developer. Fast support, only serial activation, no bloated protection, no iLok, CPU-friendly.. and you can re-sell the license at any time + I can install on all my machines.

I can really recommend the new version.. The new comb filter and ring modulator-type filter makes this almost like a new synth! If you like physical modelling type of sounds this is awesome. It would have been nice with FM as well, but it's possible to use FM-based wavetables so it's not a biggie (and it is without a doubt the best wavetable sound I've heard in any VST or hardware...). I even sold my Virus TI and replaced it with Hive. :)

I do use the default skin though, works better for my workflow..
  Member 4.09.2020 252
Plugmon has moved GUI elements around, looks confusing!
  Resident 28.01.2016 2 618
different template for a different workflow.
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  Member 14.07.2020 17
Must... indure... until.. mac... crack
  Member 13.01.2021 28
amazing gui
  Resident 26.04.2016 6 75
Pretty. Reminds me of Massive X

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