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Toontrack Dark Matter EZX v1.0.0 screenshot
EZX Sound Expansion - 1,98 GB
The Dark Matter EZX features two kits from the Death & Darkness SDX, mix-ready and tailored for metal, hardcore and heavy rock – optimal for any material that calls for drums of the unfriendly kind: ghastly, dark, raw and unpolished.

Recorded in the empty swimming pool drum room in legendary Antfarm Studio by Tue Madsen, this collection of drums has an overall tone unlike any other. The hard, reflective surface of the pool’s tile floor and walls combined with the surrounding room’s brick structure make for an ambience that is bright but still deep and loud yet still menacingly soothing.

Welcome to a collection of drum sounds so real that they burrow deep into the very fabric of reality and permeate the sense of space, mind and self with utter darkness.

- Two complete kits
- Tailored for metal, hardcore and heavy rock
- Recorded at legendary Antfarm Studio by Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, Behemoth, Hatesphere)
- Features a broad collection of mix-ready presets
- Includes a collection of drum grooves by Jami Morgan of Code Orange

Works with EZdrummer v2.1.8 or Superior Drummer v3.1.4 and higher!

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  Member 29.12.2016 44
Talula, Thank you, thank you, thank you. My Christmas dreams are coming true, one by one!
  Member 4.03.2018 6 113
Can you also make my christmas great
  Resident 18.08.2018 262
I think I’m losing my f’in mind! Talula thanks a million!!
  Resident 16.07.2012 251
Love you
  Member 30.05.2019 9 79
Thanks talula, thats great, but pls bring the Death Metal EZX plss, u have no idea how bad i want that, pls
  Resident 16.11.2013 2 893
One way or another Pop Punk & UK Pop will be uploaded, but I dont know about the Death Metal EZX.
  Member 28.05.2019 7
looking forward to both of them thanks! :)
  Resident 12.01.2014 226
woooo weeeee, better you than me
If you're able to correct me, then you understood me fine in the first place. prick.
  Member 11.01.2014 58
  Resident 8.03.2015 13 409
Thank you Talula ¡
  Member 28.11.2019 2
Hey Talula,

How would i install this? I'm used to installing the EZX drum kits with the help of the r2r. I'm a little new at this. I have the latest ezx and ezmix. Some sort of help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!!!!!
  Resident 16.11.2013 2 893
I assume then (if you say you are using R2R stuff) that you already have other drum packs installed.
So copy the EZX2_DarkMatter folder to your Toontrack/EZDrummer folder where all your other EZX_ & EZX2_ folders are (if you dont know where you installed them then do a search for EZX2_)
Then put the midi in the midi folder in the same Toontrack/EZDrummer folder.
  Member 16.10.2013 253
Do I have to copy the files to?
  Resident 22.11.2013 235
I did the install that MusicMan2 explains. I've did that in the past as well. However this time I was asked to login to my account in order to authorize. What gives? Anybody.......?
  Member 5.08.2016 29
That's simple to answer, you're not using an unlocked version of EZdrummer 2.

Are you using Windows 64-bit? If yes, install my repack of the V.R. release:!99oHiKQD!f4zeDierk4zXJmE-oR8wzAMiRZUeqvTx8OIU6iPysRg

1 - Uninstall previous 32-bit versions EZdrummer 2 installations first. After uninstalling search for "ezdrummer.dll" in your hard disk and delete that file if found.

2 - Extract the file downloaded above and run both installers from both folders. After that everything should work fine, no activation needed.
  Resident 22.11.2013 235
Damn Hell-oh, thank you so much for the reply, but I'm on a mac. Any ideas for this?

Thanks again.
  Resident 20.12.2015 36
It won't work unless we get updated EZdrummer on Mac. For the time being this is Windows only.
  Member 17.05.2014 17
Is it 32-bit or only 64?? because i've installed it and a message drops:

you are running a 32-bit version of ezdrummer. because of this there is a limit to the total amount of sounds EZdrummer instances can load.

please unload drums or other instances of EZdrummer and try again.
Cree en Nada, Confía en Nadie...
  Member 30.08.2015 3

asks me to Authorize... what i have to do?


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