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Venus Theory The Drum Shoppe Acoustic Drums WAV [FREE] screenshot
15.05.2018 | WAV | 60 MB
The latest and greatest in my library o' stuff! A bunch of acoustic drum samples processed with my (not so) secret sauce for you to enjoy!

Over 100 samples are included with lots of great acoustic cymbals, some kicks, heavy hitting snares, and a few other goodies just for fun. Huge shout out to The Music Shoppe for allowing me to come in and record these!

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uploadboy link
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the Comment has been Removed
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You must use proper tags to post download links here.
Besides, the homepage is already in the original post.

when you post direct links to files from developer's hosting, you're only generating bandwidth cost, this does not help the developer, at the contrary.

If you want to help dev, speak about their products and the advantage of visiting their website, that is a real help .

Visits are the true value for developers.
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Thank you.

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