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Kontakt Wallpapers Collection Vol.22 by Noone01 screenshot
Kontakt Wallpapers | 41.82 MB
Wallpapers for:


Arnold Series Shan Bawu
Body Percussion Ensemble
Chang Erhu
Chapman Trumpet and Tuba
Herring Clarinet
Infinity Bells
Intimate Strings LITE
Ivory Wind
Jubal Flute
Jug Drums
Mountain Dulcimer
Mouth Trumpet
Ocarina Amaya
Sensual Saxophone
Shire Whistle
The Charmer
Tomato Paste Kalimba
Whistler Ensemble

IMPACT SOUNDWORKS (without nicnt):

Cinema Sound Foley Library
Groove Bias
Pearl Concert Grand
Shreddage Drums
Sonic Forest
Super Audio Cart

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  Member 7.03.2019 96
oooohhh thnx a lot for taking my request
  Resident 30.01.2014 6 2190
Noone01 did again! Thx so much!! :))
  Member 7.09.2015 79
Mission accomplished. Go for the next one.
  Member 24.07.2014 150
Hi Noone01.

I'm just here owning up to the fact my balance sheet of "thank you's" to you is embarrassingly out of date.
Of course it's your own fault for being so prolific, I can't keep up.

Here's hoping that one BIG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
(for your already amazing and ongoing catalogue) can reduce my debt a little.

  Member 7.09.2015 79
Ha ha ha ! I will think about it man ! No debt in my world... Thank YOU.
  Member 25.02.2019 7 10
Hello Noone01, can you get some Fracture Sounds Wallpaper (Woodchester Piano, Midnight Grand)
  Member 7.09.2015 79
Done. Tell me where i can send it.
  Member 16.02.2021 1
Noone01 is a life saver

really thankful for ur work brother!

i think that the crystal flute nicnt file & wallpaper are missing because i can't seem to find it..

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