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Samples » Kontakt
TheoK Yamaha Pacifica KONTAKT-Free screenshot
All the samples where sampled in Tones. 3 notes RR for open notes. 4 notes RR for mutes. 121 release samples in 5 Round robin groups. The release samples length can be changed from the ADSR. All the other articulations use single groups.
The double track guitars use transposed versions of the original samples to avoid getting the same sample playing on both speakers. Some of the Harmonic vibrato samples are not perfect. Works best with guitar amp simulators.


The solo guitar has 6 velocity splits:

Mutes X 4, Pick X 3, Hammer On, Hammer Off, Vibrato and Slide upwards to Vibrato articulations + Release noises set to omni.

The rhythm guitar has also 6 velocity splits, but instead of Slide Upwards to vibrato it has Harmonic Vibrato samples as the lowest layer.

CC1 controls Vibrato for the Pick. Speed and Intensity are linked to CC1 so low values give a slow and soft vibrato
while higher values increase both the speed and vibrato.

CC2 is a Wah-Wah effect using a Lowpass filter and controlling the cutoff and Resonance simultaneously.

The patches use the Ultra TKT Script by Big Bob and Fizbin Glide Script by Fizbin.



This sample library comes to you free of charge.

You may use this library any way you like without any obligations.

You may not resell this library or profit directly from the samples in any way
other than using them in your own compositions.

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