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Native Instruments Valves KONTAKT screenshot
Instantly create interweaving, evolving brass phrases from a single note or chord – all professionally performed, expertly arranged, and recorded together for a truly authentic sound. VALVES features a uniquely modern ensemble of brass instruments, carefully curated for soft, rich textures and ideally suited to a wide range of genres.


All the presets in VALVES contain a complementary collection of phrases for each instrument, all composed from professionally performed articulations, synced to your host’s tempo, and designed to work seamlessly together. Inject movement and color into your productions with the Moments Slider, which progressively and musically introduces new phrase variations, one instrument at a time.


VALVES’ instantly playable phrases are created from a wealth of articulations, including crescendos, decrescendos, evolving sustains, swells, waves, and more. Each phrase can be edited to your liking, or you can build your own from scratch. Stuck for inspiration? Hit Random for endless new variations, or experiment with different loop lengths for each individual track.

Native Instruments Valves KONTAKT screenshot


Get a professionally balanced mix right out of the box – or simply take it as a starting point. Adjust levels and panning for each individual instrument, compress and saturate to taste, then choose from 72 different in-built effect presets. With two send slots, two main effects, tempo-synced LFOs, and more, you have full control over your sound.

Native Instruments Valves KONTAKT screenshot


Take a closer look at VALVES with composer and NI Product Specialist Reuben Cornell. Get the lowdown on all of the key features, presets, and motion articulations. Plus, find out how you can quickly create chords and melodies that add instant warmth and texture to your tracks.

This sample library requires FULL KONTAKT v7.1.5 or higher, with the free Kontakt Player the instruments will only run in demo mode.

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  Resident 12.11.2022 703 1219
about time, you are the man!
Here to provide, enjoy the shares, contribute where you can! PM me to provide supplies and do your part.
  Member 29.08.2019 127
Finally. Thank You Thank you, Thank You!
Muchias Gracias. Dankuwel, Danke Schön, Merci Beaucoup, Dziękuję Bardzo
Too old to make a difference.
  Member 11.07.2017 150 420
oh yesssssssssssss thanks alot!
  Member 15.04.2022 100
Oh yes!!! I've been waiting for this for ages!! Thank-you!!
  Resident 29.08.2015 501
You assure in this moment, that good sharing.

  Member 2.11.2014 3 35
This is interesting AF
  Resident 5.05.2019 1 214
I really appreciate the upload but I've playing with this for about a hour and I am either missing something but this is pretty useless mediocre sounds I can easily create this with 15 minutes and a automation line or 2.. this isn't ment to be a ungrateful post just don't see how this is useful.. everything is really laggy and none responsive none of the presets have any bite to them
  Member 14.12.2014 285
I agree with you.... I am not convinced.
  Resident 10.11.2010 3 157
Also confused on this library. Thought it was going to be like VIR Mojo Horns. Glad I tried it here first. I'd be pissed to waste money on this
  Member 27.10.2022 101
There is some lag and slow loading. (not ssd or ram related) Other than that, no problem. I think the sounds are elegant. It was one of the libraries we were waiting for.

Thanks Chakra.
  Member 12.01.2023 2 41
OMG its happening!!! thanks Parijat Chakraborty!
''Toda realidad es un fantasma y todo fantasma es real''
  Member 25.04.2021 14
i have legit komplete kontrol 14 on a mac, will i be able to make this work?
  Resident 10.11.2010 3 157
Me too. Just use the Kontakt release available here.
  Member 21.12.2021 31
This sounds more like a brass synth than anything else tbh, but it's actually kinda fire, not gonna lie.
  Member 8.12.2022 5
trying to add library with r2r kontakt manager, using kontakt 7.2.0, it's not registering or showing up :/
  Member 8.12.2022 5
updated to kontakt 7.3.2, did not help
  Member 8.12.2022 5
okay i fixed this by copying NativeAccess.xml from the kontakt 7.3.2 to Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Service Center, and registering again
  Member 20.10.2019 24
i use r2r kontakt manager and i have kontakt 7.5.2 but 0 product have been registered

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