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Cinesamples O: Forbes Pipe Organ KONTAKT-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 07 Aug 2021 | 11.95GB
O: Forbes Pipe Organ - An expansive Pipe Organ Sample Library
Experience O: Forbes Pipe Organ sampled from the renowned Harold Miossi Hall, at the Performing Arts Center in San Luis Obispo. This VST pipe organ brings a fresh approach and modern capabilities to a classic instrument.

With O, you do not need to be a trained organist to reproduce the classic sound of a pipe organ. O sets itself apart with sonic and design flexibility, providing ready-made traditional and modern pipe combinations as well as sound design capabilities that deliver big in modern scoring situations.

Experience the joy of this meticulously recorded Organ sample library!

Cinesamples O: Forbes Pipe Organ KONTAKT-DECiBEL screenshot

O: Forbes Pipe Organ is an extremely powerful library that captures the heart and soul of a classic pipe organ, but also allows you to create dazzling designed sounds. With more than 16,000 samples captured, a powerful interface for combining and layering sounds, and onboard tools for FX processing and sound design, this instrument will help you achieve amazing results with ease.

Very few composers and producers know how to approach a traditional pipe organ, and unless you are a professional organist, there is very little opportunity to learn. In developing this library, we sat with the in-house organist for the Harold Miossi Hall Performing Arts Center in San Luis Obispo who put together a list of pipe combinations that are most commonly used during organ performances. You won't need to go through the guesswork or years of education required to get great pipe organ sound. We have included these combinations as the first page of Presets to make sure every user of this library is set to go right out of the box.

O also includes a powerful custom GUI that allows you to combine layers of organ samples within sections, adjust levels of individual layers, and apply FX to different sections to create beautiful custom pipe organ sounds. You can then easily save and recall them in the 30 available user-preset slots.

This library contains 150 presets, taking all the hassle out of building traditional combinations of sections and pipes, as well as modern designed sounds.

Use the onboard FX processing to further modify your sound. Control the FX for different sections independently, or use the master function to apply FX to all sections simultaneously. Use Send FX for extended sound design functions and FX routing, change the sample ADSR, or use the short notes mode to get even more variety.

Control everything using simple tools at your fingertips, and explore a tremendous world of organ potential!

Works with the FREE Kontakt Player v6.6.0+

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  Resident 16.11.2013 11 743
perfect! aaaand very fast!

thank you
  Member 18.02.2012 38
The library appears as a demo in cracked Kontakt 6.6.0...
..and after 10 minutes asking for serial ...
  Member 18.02.2012 38
(On MAC)
  Resident 7.07.2008 3 208
wonderful... if you like their presets... this is not a kontakt organ, just silly mismash of organ samples
  Resident 21.04.2014 1498
For those who don't understand the pipe organ and want the thing ready and chewed, this is the organ. It reminds me of a fast-paced bistro restaurant or something 'Prêt-à-porter'.

Sampling this way anyone can do it, cinesamples simply recorded the ready 'organ STOPS' , otherwise sampling each separate set of the organ is extremely difficult and tiring. There are very old virtual pipe organs, more efficient and superior to this one.

For smarter people who want to build their own presets (STOPS), use 'Hauptwerk', or the amazing free 'Myorgan', then just load a simple '466 MB bank', like the "Gottfried Silbermann Organ", with it you build sounds far superior to this "Cinesamples_O:Forbes"

I went to the cinesamples website and I've never heard demos so badly played and badly done, Bach must have turned his skeleton in the grave.
The poor citizen manages to play the simple intro of 'Bach's Toccata in Dm' with a wrong rhythm.

I give a 2 for the "Cinesamples_O:Forbes" project.
I give a score of 7 to anyone who wants something ready for their projects, when the pipe organ will only make effects or noise.

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