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Native Instruments Straylight v1.0.0 KONTAKT-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 26 May 2019 | 2.33GB
- Unique cinematic granular timbres
- Tailored modulation with precise control of intensity and timing
- Deep sound design options for creating all-new sounds

Craft unique cinematic soundscapes, transitions, and ambient tones in real-time. Built for sound designers and film, TV, and game composers, STRAYLIGHT is ideal for everything from post-apocalyptic sci-fi to gritty thrillers. It combines specialized grain and sample playback modules with carefully captured sound sources, effects, and a powerful performance-based X-Y modulation matrix, allowing inspirational dynamic performance and sound design, direct to picture.

STRAYLIGHT delivers screen-ready cinematic sound sources without the need for additional processing – letting you concentrate on creativity, even when time is tight. We spent a lot of time testing sources and playing techniques, looking for the best and most interesting sounds for the granular engine – such as rubbing a rubber ball on glass. The result is over 360 unique matched sound sources for the granular and sample modules, with over 300 presets.

STRAYLIGHT has a bespoke granular engine that places the source audio into a powerful and specialized – yet easy-to-use – interface. Harness lush, organic timbres that can defy time and pitch, yet still retain the pristine character of the source sounds (strings, glass, stone, membranes, and more), and sonically evolve over time (risers and transitions can adapt automatically to project tempo).

Small sounds can be vastly magnified in size and scope without sacrificing their sound quality or character. The granular engine is then paired with a layer from the sample module, offering the same level of editing and modulation.

STRAYLIGHT’s modulation and effects sections ensure a fast, creative workflow. The precise X-Y control enables expressive direct-to-picture performance and detailed control over intensity and timing. Apply and modulate up to 14 different effects – taken from nine different categories: Filters, dynamics, EQs, gaters, drivers, modulation, delays, utilities, and reverbs. STRAYLIGHT even includes specially captured reverb impulse responses, selected to complement its audio content and granular engine.

STRAYLIGHT was built in collaboration with Frank Elting and The most human colors, a boutique instrument and sound design agency. The instrument was also developed in consultation with composer Paul Haslinger (Underworld, Minority Report, Fear The Walking Dead, Rainbow Six: Siege).

Product type: KOMPLETE Instrument
Instrument type: Real-time cinematic texture instrument
For use with: The latest version of the free KONTAKT PLAYER. Download via KOMPLETE START.
Number of sounds: > 350 master Snapshots
1 NKI that includes: 319 grain source sets
50 sample sets
Sound categories: Atmosphere, Pad, Lead, Transition, Keys, Effects, Subs, Pulses
Download size: 2,47 GB (3,86 GB uncompressed samples)

System requirements:
STRAYLIGHT needs a fast CPU to run and requires an Intel i7 processor or higher.
Free KONTAKT PLAYER or KONTAKT (Version 6.1 or higher)

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  Member 7.07.2016 264
Looks cool. Hopefully if sounds good too.
  Member 12.02.2018 64 145
So can we import samples?
  Member 28.06.2017 30
Unfortunately not.
  Member 12.02.2018 64 145
Dang.. Well actually what about pressing the setting (wrench icon) and importing your sample there? Because you can use kontakt as a sampler as well
  Member 26.01.2019 71
+11 well as what?
  Resident 16.01.2014 -1 758
Nice intelligent question. I think he's thinking along the lines of this: it doesn't matter that Straylight doesn't let you import samples because the library host, Kontakt can import samples. But is this possible?
When I get this one, I'll be able to create something
  Member 24.03.2013 245
I don't think you can but if you could it wouldn't be intuitive I think you would be better off with reaktor or a dedicated granular synth that lets you import sample unless you really like the sounds of this synth.
  Resident 16.10.2018 10 177
Sweet! Thank You!
  Resident 4.06.2012 329
Double RARed ISO installer. Dang. Much preferred to have a single rared ready to use library folder, but thanks of course :)
Just gonna take some times to unpack and instal all this stuff. I noticed DECiBELLE often releases stuff this way. Why is that?
  Member 14.05.2014 52 584
Something tells me that soon we'll see unpacked version on our beloved resource.
  Resident 16.01.2014 -1 758
The Straylight 'Library Part 1.pkg'/Part 2/Part 3 files disappear after extracting the ISO with RAR but they are there and visible if you 'Show hidden files and folders' Win 10.
When I get this one, I'll be able to create something
  Member 6.01.2015 304
testing now and cpu is off the roof does not seem too musical and i cant nothing down with it. my cpu cries when i press 3 notes smh wont be useful for me whats the point
  Member 12.02.2018 64 145
Yeah granular isn't very musical. Because people think they can drop any sound in there and it isn't like that. I really only use granular for vocals. Or if not for vocals, I use it on a sound I already made and use the iteration effect for granular. Com truise does that a lot in his music if you like him
  Member 12.02.2018 64 145
And I just want you to know I am not giving you a "what if" resolve because the possibilities are not endless. This is the complete truth about granular. This applies to FORM by native instruments as well even if it is a cleaner granular. But I will say that FORM works way better on pluck or very short percussive-like sounds, or gritty basses. Pads are iffy and leads are okay sometimes in FORM. Like it is VERY restrictive with manipulating samples in granular. I have experimented with this and honestly I discovered from countless times that on loops or even one shots on average, manipulating the sample to an extreme degree (to avoid copyright with using other people's samples in the granular sound engine) will have the sample sounding like an awful distorted sound OR it will have tons of degradation.

You can manipulate it lightly, but NOW the problem is that you still recognize the sample and you WILL have copyright issues if you are once again using other people's loops or one shots. I have done this over and over with a variety of samples and it just overall is NOT a consistent process. Strings, vocals, and anything VERY similar to those two sounds will work best in a granular sound engine. So as I stated about the vocals for the iteration effect or a sample YOU personally made, it sounds perfect, Com truise and FKA twigs, and ARCA do this often in their music. So just giving you a heads up so you save time and not think the possibilities are endless when in reality you would be wasting time.

There will be other opinions that will disagree but I am giving you not just an opinion but a fact from countless times working with granular. I could care less if others disagree because I am giving a legitimate answer and not jerkin you around. Just saving you time so you can use granular EFFECTIVELY you know? Sure you can throw the same sound sources others use but that wouldn't give you any brand new sounds. Throwing in a new synth sound will give you unique results, but if you are using the same instrument sounds everyone else is using, you are going to get the same result even if the tone is slightly different based on the sample.

I don't really comment like this, ever actually but I just know how it feels when you are wasting time thinking you did something wrong and you didn't. Hope you take my advice
  Member 6.01.2015 304
Thanks, appreciate it. I’m not so much into granular synthesis so that helped. This seems suitable for drone like atmospheres. which do sound very cinematic and amazing but I can’t get it to do melodies. Only those hold out one noters. And u say “wow that sounds amazing” so good but I have no idea how to make music with it. The granular engine uses so much cpu it’s hard to get something going that makes sense. Unless I render out... But that slows down creative flow imo. I’ll keep trying but if it’s not usable for me I won’t force it. I’m sure others know how to put this thing to use into something relevant.
  Member 12.02.2018 64 145
Yeah no doubt! Melodies not gonna happen lol, at best you will use a slicer in ableton or fruity slicer in FL studio as an example to make it a sampled loop instead of a regular melody after bouncing the one note from the granular engine of your choice.

You are 100% right. It is meant for a one noter type of deal when you hear the results. Like I said, your BEST bet with all that is out there, use Native Instruments FORM. PSOLA is what FORM is using and that is basically a cleaner granular so from my experience, your results will sound FAR better than traditional granular.
  Member 16.10.2013 197
Amazing sounds in this library. The Keys part are the best. I try to play Memories of Green with a beutifull piano sound that I find and the result was great! For those who works with soundtrack it's a nice opporunity to discover new sounds.
  Member 11.12.2017 53
" STRAYLIGHT needs a fast CPU to run and requires an Intel i7 processor or higher. "
Really ?
  Member 20.02.2019 5
Kontakt is surprisingly heavy no matter what you play with it. That's why I always try to limit it's usage in my projects. For simple sampled instruments I rather use EXS24 which is as light as it gets.
  Member 22.10.2013 7 487
Currently I have had to buy an HDD SSD so it does not use as much CPU.
  Member 7.08.2018 57
I'm a Granular Head. Studied it intensely at Uni. (member of Microsound and all that) THis is a sample player that uses Granular Synthesis. I suspect they may let you load at some point in the future. For now, I must say this sounds really really good strait outa the box. If you want an awesome sounding Library that give you granular options, this is fantastic. If you want to get serious about granular , there are many many options out there or here for that matter, I wouldn't be using a Kontakt library (for free) and complaining about it not being a full blown grain synth thats a little dumb.

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