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Samples, loops
Sounds To Sample Complextro Bass and Patches 2 WAV FM8 MASSiVE Sylenth screenshot
WAV FM8 MASSiVE Sylenth | 160 MB
Along with some of the grittiest electro loops any human being could possibly fathom, Complextro Bass and Patches 2 includes presets for the ultimate in complextro soft synths! FM8, Massive, and Sylenth! So fire up those audio suites, drop in some loops, and tweak these pre-sets and you'll be on your way to the next chart topping main-room slayer.


• 24/44.1 WAV files

• Synth Patches for Sylenth

• NI Massive / FM8 155MB (zipped)

Version Of Soft Synth Required:

• FM8 1.2

• Sylenth 2.2

• Massive 1.3

Reuploaded. PiRAT

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THX Vincide for sharing kewl stuff phones
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