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Spiffin’ Samples Volume 1 Sylenth Arps WAV FREE screenshot
WAV | 216.04 MB
We are excited to unleash Spiffin’ Samples debut release featuring 96, well, er, spiffin’ Sylenth Arp’s recorded a decade ago for a shelved commercial sample CD.


Spiffin’ Samples is an offshoot of RingpullRecords, a fiercely independent record label spearheaded by the iconic writer/producer LdashD & has been bangin’ out bangin’ tracks since 1992. Being purely artist run, Spiffin’ is altruistically feeding Joe, er, und Josephine Public, with exceptionally useable, FREE content, audio, film, tips, everything needed to hone that elusive, accomplished, satisfyingly finished production.

LdashD Demo’s

The two L-D demos also, er, demonstrate the huge difference between the original raw decade old, ‘S1’ Sylenth Arps and the latest S1MF new versions, which were fed thru Moog Filters to specifically create rhythmic pulses & grooves to compliment the originals or to take entirely different directions

LdashD - Genre Bender

Due to LdashD’s lengthy self-imposed self-cultivation exile, Spiffin’ samples organically span several decades from 80’s right thru to 21st century, jam-packed with rad retro tape vibes & futuristic tones, feast on a banquet of scrumptious wholesome organic audio fodder, gorge on handmade delicacies, featuring succulent analogue synths, punchy drums, groovy guitars, unique loops, handsome hits etc.

Joe und Josephine

Gargantuan appetite? Hungry for success? A thirst for adventure? A change is as good as a rest, so spoil yourself rotten & treat yourself to a well-earned break from the usual daily slog, so pull up a chair, plonk yourself down, sit up straight, slacken your shoulders, loosen your belt, lean from the waist, take a deep breath and immerse your whole-being in creating spiffin’ music for da masses.

Keep it Spiffin’

These audio samples are royalty free for use in any kind of artistic production. These audio samples are only licensed to the user, the copyright remains with LdashD. These audio samples cannot be repackaged solely as such, or as part of a repackage, or ever be sold, except by LdashD.

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