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[dead] Symphonic epic small horns (GIGA) (repost) screenshot Symphonic epic small horns (GIGA) | 2.73 GB
The Epic Horns are the key ingredient for achieving the sound of oversized late Romantic orchestras as well as modern Hollywood orchestras. Repetitions, an often used style in horn ensemble arrangements, sound amazingly impressive and absolutely realistic when played with the Performance Tool - not a trace of the "machine-gun" effect you usually hear with repeated notes! It was a big challenge to draw the subtle, sophisticated Performance Elements from these sometimes extremely loud instruments.

In all our their of sampling, recording of the massive Performance Legatos of this large group of double horns was by far the longest and most arduous experience at the Silent Stage, Vienna's custom built recording hall. It was an exceptionally intense challenge for the whole team. Once you listen, we are sure you'll agree that the effort was worthwhile.

Staccatos (2 variations)
Short portatos (2 variations)
Long portatos (2 variations)
Long notes:
Sustained, "brassy", and flutter tonguing
Crescendo and diminuendo (various tone lengths)
Special dynamics (fortepiano, sforzato, sforzatissimo, crescendo-diminuendo)
Trills & chords:
Half & whole tone trills
Minor and major 3-note chords
1, 2, and 3 upbeats, various speeds
4th to octave, up and down
Fast octave glissandos
Performance Elements:
Legato: Piano and forte, variations for slow and fast lines
Repetitions: Legato, Portato, and Staccato Repetition Performances, piano, forte, crescendo and diminuendo
Fast Repetitions: Normal and crescendo, 140 to 180 BPM
Upbeats: 1, 2, and 3 upbeats, 80 to 160 BPM
Glissandos: Performance glissandos, 4th to octave

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Wow Thanks But do you have hotfile link? please hotfile~~
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Excuse hotfile will not be damn
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will this work in kontakt
  Resident 1.11.2010 2 342
2.73 GB. Why files are super inflated in 'audioz'. I have the same original file, but it is just a simple little 1,19 GB . Why, I know have many other old files, but when I see in audioz, it get bigger and bigger, Ive checked and they are not upgrade. I will search for files that are super inflated and I will post, here and over the net. People inflated files to get credit downloads in xxxservers, rapidxxx, hotxxxx. filexxxx and so on.
Please, do not do this.
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This compressed angry
  Resident 7.10.2011 8 97
please upload part 4 on fileserve.please i need part 4

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