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Native Instruments Stradivari Cello v1.2.0 KONTAKT-Minified screenshot
Minified | 21 November 2021 | 1.93 GB
STRADIVARI CELLO is part of Native Instruments’ Cremona Quartet series.
Although Stradivari is best known for his violins, he also made other string instruments. His cello “Stauffer”, made in 1700, is considered a national treasure of Italy. Completing the quartet with rich, deep tones, it adds weight to the overall sound of the ensemble.

CREMONA QUARTET’s sounds were recorded using a bespoke set of microphones and preamps placed in a specially designed acoustic environment. Even the locals of Cremona played their part: all traffic near the hall stopped during the recording so that no external noise could interrupt the process.

The cello, known for its rich, deep tones, adds weight to the sound of the string quartet. Until now, only a select few have had the right to play this precious instrument. The cello itself is guarded by armed guards as it is on display at the Museo del Violino in Antonio Stradivari’s birthplace of Cremona, Italy.

The instrument contains 20 different professionally played articulations, each with up to four legato transitions. In addition, the innovative Performance-Captured Vibrato technology simulates the professional musician’s natural vibrato technique, while the Stereo Phase-Aligned Dynamic Crossfades eliminate phasing between dynamic transitions. The combination of these features makes STRADIVARI CELLO one of the most realistic and realistic reproductions of a solo cello.

We hope you enjoy STRADIVARI CELLO!

New in version
v1.2.0 – 2021-10-26

IMPROVED increased number of key switch slots to 32
FIXED an error where triggering of several notes at the same time resulted in hanging notes

— — — — — MINIFIED INFO — — — — — — —

Since I like to have many Kontakt libraries but don't want to fill my hard drives with them, I minify them, keeping only what I really need from them.

— Library size is 2.7GB (from ~ 23.1GB)
— Added a Convolution Reverb to the GUI
— All samples are 16bit
— Only the "Close" mic exists

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Forgive me if there is a simple answer to this question...

The Add Library tool is not fining this Lib, and using the Folder Browser in Kontakt only gives a DEMO version. What have I missed here?

Using Kontakt 6.6.1

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