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Samples, MIDI, SF, Akai
Unison MIDI Drum Blueprint Full Kits/Drum Maps MiDi screenshot

MiDi | 178,73 KB
This is a custom script written that mapped the individual instrument MIDI files into combined drumkits, loosely using the General MIDI Level 1 Percussion Key Map spec as guidelines.

It generates two files:
  • A "multi-track" variant which is a multi-track MIDI file with each instrument mapped to a separate track (usually DAWs let you choose whether to import these as a single combined track, or multiple individual tracks)
  • A "single-track" variant which is just the one track, no option to split them individually (but also usually no prompt when importing, which can be irritating, or if the DAW doesn't provide you the option to combine multi-tracks)

Samples/Unison MIDI Drum Blueprint/_Processed
❯ tree
├── Ambient & Downtempo
│   ├── Kit 01 - Twilight - 120
│   │   ├── Kit 01 - Twilight - 120_full_multitrack.mid
│   │   └── Kit 01 - Twilight - 120_full_singletrack.mid
│   ├── Kit 02 - Tiger - 90
│   │   ├── Kit 02 - Tiger - 90_full_multitrack.mid
│   │   └── Kit 02 - Tiger - 90_full_singletrack.mid
│   ├── Kit 03 - Era - 90
│   │   ├── Kit 03 - Era - 90_full_multitrack.mid
│   │   └── Kit 03 - Era - 90_full_singletrack.mid

The content is taken from this Audioz upload, and inspired by the user comment left here:

How it works is that it uses note 36 for the kick of each kit, and then just alphabetically assigns each file/instrument part incrementally after that.

I don't know very much about music, so if there's a better way of doing this, please modify the script (it's short) and re-upload it so that others can benefit.


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  Resident 25.04.2012 74 7710
If everyone would help out like you do, there would be no limit to what the community could become. Thank you for everything.
Open your eyes
Look at the love laid at your feet
Lay down your fears
Look at the pride in their defeat
  Member 7.12.2020 5 26
Thank you!

Maybe we ought to forward my script to the Unison folks and ask them to please start packing their releases like that -- wound up with a more usable version from a warez site than the original ;^)
  Member 24.07.2014 116
What you have done here is absolutely brilliant.

It is superb in terms of your very generous effort and brilliant in terms of the very smart progamming.

Can't thank you enough.

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you
  Member 16.05.2014 44
All links are down. Please someone could reupload?
  Member 19.01.2016 1 188
For a second, I´ve have read "Unisum"
  Member 24.07.2014 116
Hi gxray,
I'm going to sound like Oliver Twist holding out my begging bowl and asking for 'more please'. The collection your code has generated is a major improvement over the original format, so huge thanks for that. I can see why you chose a quick mapping system. Now I'm hoping it's only a bit of extra work to get a more conventional General Midi drum mapping.

I've scrutinised the Unison filing system enough to generate the rules we would need for that General Midi mapping. and am now grovelling for you to include code for those rules in your program.

Details in the spoiler if you're game for it.

  Member 7.12.2020 5 26
Nah no problem, easy change mate, and you've even handed me the logic. You wouldn't believe the gall and entitlement of some people when you do free work.

I would like to take this chance though to encourage you (and everyone else) to explore and experiment with basic programming. You're clearly very bright, and high-level languages like Python, Ruby, and Lua can be learned mostly in a few days and unlock so many amazing abilities.

These handful languages are so easy, it's almost like reading/writing plain logical statements in English.

I am in the process of creating a shared, online Python 3 sandbox on that has the contents of the Unison kit files in it, and the script. Anyone can freely run the source code right there in browser and quickly tweak it + press "run" to see changes without installing anything locally.

I will share the link here with the changes you've asked, my only request is that you maybe try to experiment a bit, just for fun =)

Also, I've only been trying to learn music for ~5 months so it's valuable to get feedback & learn like this. I had no idea what the best practice was for mapping these kinds of things, so I just Googled a bit and then took a stab at it
  Member 7.12.2020 5 26
Here you go, press the "Play" button at the top to run it:

I cleaned it up significantly, it's actually half-decent code now.

It will spit out the files into the "_Processed" folder in the workspace. You can copy them from there.

There's a limit on free disk so I wasn't able to upload all of them to the sandbox. You can "fork" this one to make a personal copy automatically. From there, you can just drag-and-drop the Unison original folders into the folder tree to upload them, and then run this script on say 3-5 genre folders at a time (press "Download as zip" to download a copy of the output), deleting them after you download the processed results to make more space.

Or, if that's too much a PITA, here, you can just download this:

Enjoy =)
  Member 18.09.2020 7
Here is my solution.

Make a backup of all files.

Put the files inside the archive to where the genre folders (Ambient & Downtempo, Disco, Drum & Bass...) located.
midieditor.exe is a program that edit midi files via command line, was compiled from the source code at here.
List.xlsx is an Excel book file that all midi files were listed and written commands for the program.
In sheet "Sheet1", you can change value that where the each track will be transposed.
In sheet "All", you can filter which files will be edited.

If you just want to remap all of midi files, open the excel file,
then just select F2 cell in sheet named "All" and hit Ctrl + Shift + Down, then copy the selected text.

Run cmd at the folder where you put midieditor.exe and paste you copied.

Do not touch your computer until the process is complete.

midieditor.exe transposes notes, but doesn't combine tracks into single midi file.

If you get an error, make sure the program is located correctly, or the folder structure may be different between mine and yours.

  Member 24.07.2014 116
@gxray - Many many thanks for updating your program. It's now a very flexible tool. and thanks for delivering the final modified MIDI (avoiding PITA).
I agree with your enthusiasm for encouraging people to take up programming. I did smile though at how you compare coding to "almost like plain English"
Yeah right - dismantling data structures is child's play 8-)
So, bear in mind, it's not enthusiasm that I'm lacking, just TIME (which is always in short supply)
I did just install the rudimentary python environment from
Installed it, and also allowed it to install IDLE (that's enough, I won't have time to explore a more sophisticated IDE).
Tried running your script, (then needed to PIP import mido)
Made the mistake of trying to use it on just a single kit (errors - inappropriate folder structure)
Realised it expects to work on a genre of kits (the expected folder structure)
Then it works and works beautifully!

I love the clean (explicitly readable) aspect of your code which now makes it trivial and obvious how to adjust the instrument mapping. So, if anyone doesn't like the defaults I suggested (e.g., for Perc and Toms, etc) then it's just a few seconds to modify to whatever is preferred.


Thank you- I love what you did with that spreadsheet and midieditor.
I would be using that, except the script version above from @gxray has already filled my begging bowl and does solve the issue of merging the files (which was important for me).

It's nice to be spoilt for choice with the contributions here.

  Resident 15.09.2013 121
Many thanks for your work gxray !

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