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Samples, loops, presets, patches, impulses
BEAT ZAMPLER Workstation Plus 3 Studio Pack VST&AU WIN OSX [FREE Limited Time] screenshot
Audio Workstation for VST&AU + 4 GB Soundbanks
BEAT ZAMPLER is a workstation that includes a variety of ways to sculpt and manipulate sounds and it includes features you would expect in any current soft-sampler. It also sounds great!


The plug-in comes in both VST and AU formats. File types supported are REX loop and SFZ.
The plugin’s sample oscillators make Zampler a great tone-shaping tool
In the integrated multimode, lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop filters, as well as various combinations are available
Three LFOs, three ADSR envelopes and a complex modulation matrix, bring life to the sound.
An extensive effects section is available including tube saturation, two equalizers, phaser, chorus, delay and reverb.
The clever step sequencer allows for especially complex, full and vibrant sounds – a speciality of Zampler.
Uses the valent algorithms of “Dune” inventor Synapse Audio
More Details:

Samples of any bit-depth (8/16/24/32-bit), mono or stereo are supported
Multiple sample rates supported (eg 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, 96k, 176.4k, 192k, 384k)
Up to 128 keyboard splits
Up to 128 velocity splits
Soundbanks on Top

Ethnic Pads: 32 patches

This collection excels in atmospheric sounds in a broader sense, comprising bells, choirs, cymbals, flutes, chimes or strings and much more. We pushed the sounds to their limit and injected a heavy dose of electro to give the sounds enough bite to cut through modern EDM productions. With our Zampler workstation featuring flexible filter and modulation options, you can easily create unexpected sound textures from the sample material.

ROBO#tTXTR – vocal Soundbank. 34 patches + 40 loops

Robo #txtr“ is an extensive collection with 1.5 GB of electronic vocals, phrases, machine and robot noises. Expect production-ready presets, just waiting to be manipulated with its flexible sound editing and automation tools.

SUPREME EDM The best analogue synthesizers – 32 patches + 32 loops

Modesty is not this packs’ strength – „Supreme“ combines sounds of the best analog synthesizers of all time. With 32 brutal patches and 32 loops you are perfectly prepared for future Dubstep, D&B and EDM adventures. The editorial staff of Beat presents 620 MB of its favorite bass and lead sounds, which give your tracks a special touch and a high recognition value.

Brute Factor: 760 MB Leads & Bonus-Tracks

Analog sound is always wanted. And it’s even more wanted when it sounds fat or brute. Just like the Arturia MiniBrute 2. As the synth was already honored with full marks, we just made a studio session and dressed it up for our very own Zampler, so you can now enjoy the savage sounds yourself. And we included a bonus, something that the MiniBrute hardware can’t do: Pads. Happy blasting!

MANTRA PADS – 33 relaxing patches – 1,6 GB Power

The power of repetition! With their lush character most pads have an instant relaxing impact. Our latest Zampler sound bank takes this a step further and combines pleasing pads with ever-repeating mantras, to maximize the hypnosis-factor. 33 patches of pure deceleration.

PROPHET-12: 78 patches 2 GB analogue masterpieces

So many famous artists using the Prophet-12 can’t be wrong: Dave Smith’s luxury synth is a true multi-talent when it comes to sound design. From underground clubs to airplay charts, its fat basses, leads and pads fit everywhere. So here you go with your own Pro-12 for Zampler//RX!

TORAIZ AS-1 – 64 patches + 64 loops: 734 MB Beat, Leads, Pads & loops

Thanks to his Prophet-6 core, the new Toraiz AS-1 is born to be an iconic legend. We created 128 patches and sequences of that little muscleman, ready to play for your Zampler. Enjoy!

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Thanks for sharing this, you surely must have put a lot of work into it.
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Great upload folks! Thank you so much!

Zampler is a really great sampler. I think it's extremely underrated. It has great SRC and it's easy to make great sounds with it. More sample banks for it are always welcome!

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