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Samples, loops, MIDI, SF, Akai
Zenhiser Oscillate MULTiFORMAT-DECiBEL screenshot
Team DECiBEL | 01 Aug 2020 | 5.33GB
Oscillate explores the deep, melodic world of Techno with driving drums, obsessive synths, mysterious pads, persistent arps and bass heavy rhythms. This Techno beauty cuts through today's underground sound like a hot knife through butter offering a phenomenal collection of detailed programming power at your disposal.

Oscillate encompasses the current sound of Germany, spreading it's sonic palette into studio's worldwide this Techno sample library delivers deep manipulation combined with organic analog techniques for all worldly continents looking to jump on this impressive Techno sound. Every sample, loop, stem and one shot will burn it's way into your subconscious as Oscillate incorporates over 5GB of incomprehensible refinement. The overall core of the pack is influenced by artists including Maceo Plex, Solomun, Stephan Bodzin, Solee and Victor Ruiz resulting in an impeccable balance of production tools and sonic quality. You'll find a bounty of options within Oscillate to supercharge your studio including individual stems, full mixes, broken down loops, drum beats, instrumental loops, one shot bass, fx, synth, drum sounds aplenty and Midi to change, amended and reprogram your ideas into endless tracks. With such a collection of Techno sounds at your disposal this sample pack will leave you breathless.

Everything included is 100% royalty free, available for immediate download with Midi included for Song Starters & Full Mix Loops. All audio is mastered in 24-Bit Wav with zip files generously compressed to reduce download time. Watch this Techno sample library spread like wildfire as producer potential like this doesn't come around very often.

Song Starters - 05 (includes full mixes, midi, drums, basslines, leads, arts, synths, pads Vox, fx and more) - 71
Drum Hits - 01 Kicks - 21
Drum Hits - 02 Hi Hats - 23
Drum Hits - 03 Claps - 15
Drum Hits - 04 Snares - 09
Drum Hits - 05 Percussion - 32
Loops - Basslines - 27
Loops - Drum Beats - 75
Loops - Full Mix - 25
Loops - Instruments & Vox - 34
Loops - Midi - 25
Loops - Synths - 46
One Shots - Bass - 26
One Shots - FX - 12
One Shots - Synths - 15

Total Samples - 427
Total Midi - 29
Tempo - 120bpm - 123bpm
Info - Key: Yes
Unzip Size - 5.7GB
Zip Size: 3.6GB

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  Member 6.03.2018 156
Is it just me, or are other people having issues with dcb-1516.r9 and dcb-1516.r12 as well?

WinRar insists they're both corrupt.

I really like the sounds and the quality of the Zenhiser sample packs, but I do wish they weren't so goddamned big. I don't need hundreds of bars of an identical loop, and the track starters just go straight into the trash anyway because who the hell does that? I reckon they could get these packs down to 500 megs with no loss of quality at all.

OK, just re-unpacked from the original downloads. .r09 and .r12 are definitely corrupt for me. Anyone else?

Edit: While I couldn't get it to unpack at all in WinRar, Easy7Zip still threw up errors, but it managed to extract the bulk of the file. If you're struggling with this, you might want to try Easy7Zip.
  Member 16.01.2014 3 175
I too have the same issue. Downloaded twice from two different file hosts. I'm sure we'll see another copy of it come along at some point.

All this said, appreciate the share DECiBELLE and thanks for the advise buntymc :) Much appreciated
  Member 17.05.2019 66 100
Ok thanks for mentioning that cuz im also having a hard time extracting it

Edit ; didnt work out the way i hoped
Whole world is fuckin' crazy, you don't know what to trust. You can stay away from drugdealers and gangbangers all your life and still get killed by a squirrel
  Member 6.03.2018 156
Easy-7Zip managed to get the whole thing out apart from just one synth loop. I used WinRar to extract the original downloads, and then Easy-7Zip to extract the dcb1516 files into one big oscillate.rar file. (It throws up an error at this point, but it does create the file.)

Then Easy-7Zip to extract the actual sample files from oscillate.rar. Again, it throws up an error, but it extracted them all except one for me.

Easy-7Zip is a free, open source program you can get from sourceforge.
  Member 17.05.2019 66 100
Yeah i downloaded and installed the easy7zip but the program bugs ( or im probably doing something wrong lol but i tried to do as you told so ...) on me and does not want to extract shit . Zip it , no problem .. But unzipping “ It just won’t do “ (“Tim Deluxe”)
Whole world is fuckin' crazy, you don't know what to trust. You can stay away from drugdealers and gangbangers all your life and still get killed by a squirrel
  Releaser 15.11.2014 3754 315
I tested and there are no issues. Strange.
  Member 17.05.2019 66 100
Very Strange indeed. Several hours later and i still did not got it extracted. At this point ill just wait for the mirrors i guess
Whole world is fuckin' crazy, you don't know what to trust. You can stay away from drugdealers and gangbangers all your life and still get killed by a squirrel
  Member 22.09.2018 28
Unfortunately, this does not work. Broken archive. Other Zip programs that are mentioned in the comments also fail extracting it.
  Member 2.08.2017 22
Yup, it's broken. .... and is there really any need to go '3 levels deep' on these archives? Really, how much space is actually saved by 'rarring a rar of a rar file'??
  Member 6.03.2018 156
Well, that's really weird. I had tried rebuilding the two corrupt files in WinRar but that made no difference at all. And I'm pretty sure that the version I managed to extract was just from the original file, not using the rebuilt files.

I guess I was just lucky?
  Member 29.07.2017 53
Big thanks for providing this, but I downloaded and unpacked using WinRar. Some of the inner single rar files are corrupt.
Final unpacking impossible. What a shame. :(

And I agree to a previous post, imho there is absolutely no need of interlacing that much. It extremely sucks to unpack, it's 4 times the effort of just unpacking from the initital rar files.
What's the sense? I don't get this. It would be fine to just have the initial rar files and unpack once to have the final folder. This process is just a ridiculous waste of time. Only Discover releases are worse in terms of interlacing, I do not download any of these anymore because the folers and files are renamed weirdly and a proper renaming process takes hours.

I'm honestly really thankful you provide all this stuff, but I'm quite sure I won't download any further releases if they are packed like this. From a user's point of view, most of that stuff is difficult to use, not useless, but very time-consuming to arrange properly. Thanks anyway, I hope you can fix this.
  Releaser 15.11.2014 3754 315
Adding new links and r09 individually asap.

UPDATE: new links added
  Member 29.07.2017 53
Works fine now, confirm! Thank you for fixing!

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