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Samples, sound effects
Boom Library Geothermal Stereo Edition WAV screenshot
WAV | 24-bit / 96 kHz - 3,16 GB
Yellowstone National Park, this library transports the listener to someplace far away from Earth - although sounds represent the primal geological processes of our beautiful planet.

Whether you are designing for daunting underground environments or films somewhere else in our solar system, draw from the rich sonic details in this collection and fill your fictional realm with uniqueness and character!

GEOTHERMAL was recorded at night in order to eliminate bird, tourism and transport noises.

The result is a pristine, authentic toolkit with which to sketch out, layer and shape environments and products of your imagination (or project briefing).

GEOTHERMAL grants a sonic glimpse at the massive, seething processes continuously happening deep inside Mother Earth. Hostile underground environments, hellish scenes or extraterrestrial landscapes come to mind when immersing yourself in the sound.

This library is a true asset in the hands of the creative: Bring the unusual to life and embellish your designs with the almost uncanny details of the audio material available in GEOTHERMAL.

BOOM Library sound FX come as WAV files, meaning you can import and work with them in any software that can handle this file type. Here are the most common audio and video editing software tools that work perfectly with our sound FX.

To provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible, all files contain extensive metadata like file description & keywords to quickly find the sounds you’re looking for. Metadata can be read and processed by audio management tools. Some digital audio workstations feature an included search tool that can also read embedded metadata.

Reuploaded. PiRAT

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  Resident 30.10.2012 31 596
Oh Man...
Thank you so so much! Hope we see some more SFX goodies come out!
  Resident 2.10.2008 377
There's already an insane amount of SFX here, just take the time to browse.
  Resident 30.10.2012 31 596
I know there is, besides the really good requests out there too. the more the merrier
  Member 10.04.2015 17


This product uses two forms of non-destructive copy protection: user specific finger printing combined with an online detection system, monitoring over 400 TV channels and 75 million websites worldwide.

Users who try to get past the copy protection or otherwise violate the terms of this licensing agreement are subject to criminal and civil penalties and liable for monetary damages. Please respect our work and do not copy it. The more support we get from you, the more and the better products we will be able to release in the future.
  Moderator 21.01.2012 1301 12131
Oh my god!!! Every body shit their pants ... again ....

Man, please stop writing this in each and every Boom library post.

Read related threads at Audiosex, and discover how this is so easily breakable...
  Member 11.09.2017 1
Do you have a link? I can't find the thread.
  Resident 26.11.2015 785
would also love a link to these threads on how to break this kind of hard coded protection - am curious what techniques people are proposing (spectral filtering or dithering or?)
make music, not walls.
  Member 26.05.2012 17 1290
The copy protection only applies to the initial purchaser, his/her name is embedded in the file... after that, the "copy protection" does nothing and only points to the poor, initial purchaser!!
The rest of that "threatening legal-eze" is to scare people like psychadelic_nomads!!! (and apparently it works!)...

I've been using hot Boom Library samples since their inception (2010) and downloading for 7 years from AudioZ... never had an issue and I have sound design and music featuring Boom libraries in over 700 tv shows world-wide...
  Member 16.08.2015 65
You say copy protection only points to the initial purchaser, but what happens if they detect their samples in your composition, and ask you to identify yourself as the purchaser?

is true that his method of scaring works, i have been downloading his libraries for years, but now that i'm working on a short film, i do not dare to use them, especially if it can put the director and the producer in trouble, and surely me too.
  Member 26.05.2012 17 1290
quote by j.cnnr... but what happens if they detect their samples in your composition, and ask you to identify yourself as the purchaser?

All you have to do is re-render the audio file to your DAW if you're that scared... the embedded code does not transfer or copy over to any new file(s). It only appears in the original purchaser's copy. I've tested this myself... with my own purchases that had "embedded code".
  Resident 16.01.2014 -1 892
Listening to the demo it sounds like some at Boom just put a mic to their stomach after eating an Indian.
When I get this one, I'll be able to create something
  Member 28.01.2018 2 603
Please just say "after eating a person" next time. There's absolutely no need to possibly insult one of our Indian(whether East Indian or Native American) members here or anyone else like myself who is against racial slurs and ESPECIALLY against people ALREADY oppressed by white supremacy. Thank you.
Learn how to make tight, radio-ready mixes with the STOCK plugins in your DAW. After that, THEN you can horde out!
  Member 26.05.2012 17 1290
@Thankful: "When I get this one, I'll be able to create something"

I can create tons of music with only an acoustic guitar... so if you're counting on AudioZ for your creativity... you've got to find another hobby!
  Member 11.01.2016 237
Thanks Talula

The latest Boom Libraries are always welcome

  Member 27.11.2015 5
Links are gone!
  Member 21.07.2019 189 790
Links not working.
  Member 22.01.2016 49
Links are gone. Any chance for a reup to Uploaded?
  Member 26.02.2020 9
Links not working. Re-upload pretty please?

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