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Stigmatized Productions Stigmatized Drummer v1.1 KONTAKT screenshot
Stigmatized Drummer is a high-end metal oriented Drumming Library. Recorded under an exhaustive detail it provides the real deal. After trying and testing every possible setup, mic placement, and tuning the results are phenomenal. Real organic, full cracking and "just in your face" sound.

Every Drum piece is recorded both left and right hand and with up to 60 velocity layers the quality is unparalleled. Using the industry standard of the Highest Sampling technology the powerful Kontakt 5 engine, and it's build in quality effects you have access to a whole Studio. Advanced Scripting gives you the right tools to control everything in a top notch designed interface.

Selecting some of the 1500+ of "focused" grooves, drag'n'drop in your DAW, using all these tools, effects, our top sophisticated Split technology, the 16 track flexible Mixer and the Matrix Router, the ultimate weapon in terms of full control on every internal buss of Stigmatized Drummer, creating the perfect Drumtrack has never been so easy.

Stigmatized Drummer is a must for extreme drumming.

Although it's "mix ready", meaning that you simply Load it and you are ready to go, it has a lot of headroom for adjustments and creating your own tones. Finally it can act perfect in a lot of other genres (Heavy Rock, Hard rock, Alternative, Pop, Edgy Pop etc) because it comes in 3 versions...

- Stigmatized Xtreme: Processed Metal oriented "mix ready" version.
- Stigmatized Classic: Processed (Rock, Pop) oriented "mix ready" version.
- Stigmatized Raw: A really raw version, a producers choice, 100% as recorded giving the possibility to start from scratch.

Using all these features the possibilities are endless... Only you can set the limits.
KONTAKT or higher required!

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  Resident 16.11.2013 2 940
Thanks - Any metal is always welcome :)
  Member 17.10.2013 2 257
Any torrent file?
  Resident 23.09.2015 541
I have a slight problem with this one: no MIDI Grooves in the grooves tab (page is empty), and no mixer preset (list only shows INIT).

Perhaps the hierarchy of folders-subfolders have been changed?

Tried with several versions of kontakt, from v5.6 to v6.0.2, on a mac with Mojave 10.14.1.

Will try to download the old version, just in case...?

EDIT: SOLVED according to the vendor' site you have to copy the folder "Midi Files" to: "Documents/Native Instruments/Kontakt" folder

(NOTE: Depending of your version of Kontakt this folder is named "Kontakt 5" or simply "Kontakt" if you have the last version. If you have both you have to copy the "Midi Files" folder twice).

The last problem is the absence of mixer presets...

I realized that compared to the first version, two things are missing: the content of the "Data" folder and the "Resources" folder. So i have copied these two folders from the first version to this one, but no change at all.

Detective will investigate... hmmmm.... I really have no clue and no idea...
Never lose hope, my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible...
~ Rumi ~
  Member 5.04.2017 158
Was also trying this out today and I got the same problem...
Copied the Midi files folder to the location specified but it doesn't show anything when I open Kontakt. My folder is called "Documents/Native Instruments/Kontakt 5". So I also created a new "Kontakt" folder as well and tried copying the Midi Files folder there in case it's looking for another directory, but again nothing in the groove browser. Kind of pissed of right now cause this doesn't work like it should.

EDIT: Found the issue. I'm using Kontakt Portable so it doesn't look for the files in the default directory. For me it was "C:\Kontakt57Portable\UserData\Kontakt 5"
  Resident 23.09.2015 541
Finally i think that this is lazy programming,... For example i have "Studio Drummer", "Drumlab" and "Abbey Road" which are based on the same model: some kits + a bunch of MIDI files to have fun with and serves as inspirations to create your own.

Both of these Libraries have no problems to find their MDF and presets, no need to do anything, just launch and play.

It could means too that the Kontakt scripting language is tricky and difficult to learn, so this type of problem could be usual, dunno...
Never lose hope, my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible...
~ Rumi ~

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