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Samples, presets, patches, impulses
Tim Petherick 37J Tape Nebula Library screenshot
Nebula Library | AudioZ Exclusive | 26.69 MB
Classic Valve Tape Machine

4 sample rates
4 channels sampled set at at 15ips
special saturation/compression presets with Pre-emphasis channel instance and de-emphasis saturation
2 n3 JPN Skins
Hiss wav files

In use

Channels instance

With 4 channels to select from you can get subtle tonal differences. Looking at the frequency plot below we can see each channel has the distinctive Head gap coloration of the low end, producing a ripple, this is a common characteristic in tape machines, looking at each channel from lowest plot (channel 1) to top plot (channel 4), we can see the two outer channels have a rise up to around 19kHz but the two center tracks are rolled off from around 14kHz. Of course this is subtle, However stacking instances will reveal a large coloration, As this is a 4 track machine bouncing tracks may have been common, resulting in a far more colored sound. Multiple stacked instances is something worth experimenting with. On the whole this will dramatically change the bass character and soften the upper mids.

Tim Petherick 37J Tape Nebula Library screenshot

c37 Audio precision reading from Rawstate audio documentation.

Tim Petherick 37J Tape Nebula Library screenshot

Movement in time

Also we have bit of movement to the response shown below, connected to LFO. The movement seen is not related to dynamics

Tim Petherick 37J Tape Nebula Library screenshot

Saturation Pre/De-emphasis

These presets were designed to get the subtle pushed sound, resulting in softening the highs, getting a compressed and saturated sound. With care, we can get some glue from increasing the input, (vu starting to go into the red). If a distorted sound is desired increase the input further until the desired result is achieved. I’ve kept this on the more subtle side to avoid as much aliasing as possible.

To USE: Load a Pre–emphasis channel instance (you’ll notice this is bright) followed by a de–emphasis saturation Instance (rectifies the brightness),Increase input to desired result, Then if you wish to saturate more and saturate the lows add a flat saturation as a 3rd instance. The input is using nebula’s G drive (volume compensation, output reduces as input is increased), there is a chance you’ll hear the level go down as you increase the input, this is simply because the preset is increasing in compression as the output goes down.

NOTE;Nebulas evf is mono only, in the case of using saturation on a stereo instance we should create Left and right instances in program like meta plugin.


Not much to say here, Hiss .wav’s is something I’ve added as a request. Adding hiss to a extra track can impart that distinctive tape sound. While it’s something engineers have try to eliminate for years, it is maybe something worth adding to appreciate its effect.

Presets can be found in 37J> CN (Channel instances) and in 37J>SAT (saturation instances)

This exclusive release was generously supplied to us by our member sideshowtmc
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  Resident 12.03.2012 6 408
Thank you so much for sharing!!!!
  Resident 28.10.2016 20 435
thank you so much, is there a Nebula cracked for Mac too? or only windows
  Supplier 24.01.2014 1 38
There is no Nebula cracked just old version which won't work with new libraries
  Resident 28.10.2016 20 435
thank you Sideshowtmc
  Supplier 24.01.2014 1 38
No problem. I'll send more soon. Also to use skins you need Nebula 3 as of right now. Tim P & JPN are updating libraries to N4 skins this year. Will re-upload when those become available.
  Member 24.02.2013 1 117
Will be cracked Nebula 4 ? What do you think about this Sideshowtmc?
  Supplier 24.01.2014 1 38
Not anytime soon, because of their authorization, which soon when they fully release aquarius (their new authorization app) , will be probably be harder. Not saying someone couldnt surprise us but im not holding my breath.
  Member 9.03.2014 104
This library working with old Nebula?
  Resident 3.06.2010 99
having problem with a program only of this library, that doesn't sound: it remains silent... if I bypass the plugin I can still hear the unprocessed sound. Anyone else?
  Member 19.05.2014 66
NOTE;Nebulas evf is mono only

evf ? What is it ?
  Resident 8.03.2015 14 476
how can add the skin .? does anyone knows the instructions?

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