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REQ: Andrew Scheps Bounce Factory (macOS) screenshot
What is it?
Created by someone who mixes for a living, Bounce Factory is a bolt-on extension to Pro Tools that allows you to automate every aspect of the bouncing process.

Built on the SoundFlow platform, Bounce Factory lets you set up multiple mix passes for all your sessions in advance, and then bounce them whenever you want, unattended.

Every mix pass can share settings with other mix passes, or be completely independent. You can quickly set up passes with tracks soloed and/or muted; select a range of tracks to be soloed individually as stems; even switch playlists!

On top of that you have granular control of all session data between mix passes including volume, panning, inserts and sends.

Why do I need it?
- Automates all Pro Tools bouncing tasks
- Set up multiple mix passes (e.g. stems) with one click
- Automatically export copies while bouncing
- Change almost any aspect of the Pro Tools session for each bounce without saving a new session.
- Alerts you after each mix pass to keep you in the loop.
- Set up bounces for multiple sessions and bounce them whenever you want
- Bounces while you sleep.

How does it work?
- Based on the familiar Bounce Mix dialog you're already used to, you get extended functionality to give you a host of new options.
- Go through each session you have to print and set up every mix pass you need. Once saved in the app they can be bounced at any time. Bounce Factory will organise the mix passes by session: printing, importing and exporting your mixes while making whatever changes to the sessions you have set up for each pass. All unattended!
- Get text and/or email updates of Bounce Factory's progress.

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