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REQ: Lil Gunnr VOCAL-FX+ PLUGIN Deluxe screenshot

The ultimate solution to add a unique touch to your voice! Whether you're a professional musician or simply love to make music, this plugin is perfect for you.

With an easy-to-use interface, this plugin lets you transform your voice in just a few clicks. Choose from a variety of effects that are specifically designed to enhance your voice and give it a professional sound.

One of our favorite features with VOCAL-FX is the built-in optional vocal preset that comes with the plugin. We made this an optional feature incase you wanted to use another one of our presets and combine it with this plugin to create an even more unique sound.

Our plugin comes with 5 Custom Skins and 15 presets that are specifically designed for different genres of music and vocal styles.

So whether you're looking to create underground hits or a high-energy pop anthem, VOCAL-FX has got you covered.

The Standard Edition is the main skin (blue) VOCAL-FX Plugin.

The Deluxe Edition is packaged with 5 custom skins and 15 custom presets made to make your voice fx stand out.

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  Member 31.08.2023 1
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 17.11.2023 1
how to download this?
  Member 22.06.2024 1
go to rutracker instead, this website is good but the download service is kinda just complex. rutracker uses torrent files and the only software you need for them is qBitTorrent, and plus with torrent it downloads way faster. you don't wana waste your time downloading a 200 mb and having to wait 10 minutes.

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