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What the
G-ARTist Library is:

Hi, this is Pasha (BLVCK COBRV). A year ago, after "stretching" on the creation of my modest package "G-House Producer" I, as a producer, had a dream of a bigger scale; to have at my hand a set of sounds, which will have ABSOLUTELY everything I need in the process of creating EDM tracks, whether it is percussion wannabes, loops, sound effects instruments or textures...

At the same time, I set myself the following criteria (which I think is a recipe for creating a "dream sample pack"):
- It has both popular types of sounds (universally working stuff) and unusual hybrid solutions that will move genres forward.
- Each sample or loop is tested in the working mix of the chosen genre and "sits" in it (it was especially important for me to consider this with "non-standard hybrid solutions"
- Familiar, intuitive and convenient hierarchy of folders, where you find what you're looking for in a couple of clicks
- Well and logically; the quality and selection of all samples should be not just high, but the highest

In the end, I was overwhelmed by a wave of excessive perfectionism and I was lost with this package for more than six months, which already makes this project not particularly profitable commercially (it would be better to "natsiganil" courses), but I can safely say that from my hand the first time came out ONCE perfect creation that I just sometimes spend hours stuck in it like an idiot, listening to their own sounds.

...Why am I describing it here, if you watched the video above you yourself understand what and in what abundance awaits you in this package.


- Ambience & Texture (116)
- Bass (374)
- Drum (1362)
- FX (388)
- Instrument (77)
- Stab (85)
- Synth (125)
- Vocal (20)

Format: .wav 24 & 32 bit
Sample Rate: 44100 Hz

Over 2,500 one-shot and loop samples for genres

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  Member 7.02.2023 6 3
I really want this pack, anyone have is?

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