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REQ: Make Pop Music Producer Principles 101 screenshot
A Start-To-Finish Pop Production Course.

Learning how to conceptualize, produce, write and mix a pop record can seem like a daunting task. Learning how to harness those production skills into gaining paid production projects can be even MORE difficult!

In this 14.5 hour, 76 lesson course, observe and learn how Austin Hull handles a paid production project for a mock artist from start to finish.

This course will dive into everything that being a professional producer entails, including:

-> How to communicate with artists
-> How to write contracts and invoices
-> Understanding and utilizing project references
-> Producing the song from scratch
-> Writing lyrics and Vocal melodies over the instrumental
-> Vocal Engineering and Editing
-> Vocal Production
-> Mixing and Mastering
and more.

The course also includes materials such as templates for contracts, invoices, project references, project revisions, and more. It also includes all of the session files, samples, and presets used in the session.

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  Member 9.03.2020 4 54
yes please
  Member 21.11.2022 1
I'd really love to see this!
  Member 17.10.2020 3
  Member 20.05.2022 1
This would be amazing!
  Member 23.03.2022 9
i would love this
  Member 21.10.2018 23
Yes pweeeeze
  Member 20.04.2020 1 8
This would be amazing!
  Member 9.08.2021 1 19
  Member 19.09.2023 1
Where can this be downloaded?
  Member 9.08.2021 1 19
i beg for this..,
  Member 8.11.2023 2
i'm on my hands and knees for this!
  Member 17.12.2013 11 70
Is anyone interested in splitting?
  Member 30.03.2021 21
Yes This would be amazing!
That's my honey :)
  Member 17.12.2013 11 70
does anyone want to split? its $350 for Black Friday

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