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REQ: Babylonwaves Art Conductor 8 for Logic Pro screenshot

Long story short: I don't wanna pay 85/120€ for articulation sets - something library developers should provide with their libraries. I also don't want to spend that much to get sets for libraries I'm not ever gonna download, let alone use.

Info: Imagine, all your orchestral sample libraries would feel like one. Structured and laid out in precisely the same way. So you can focus on your music instead of feeling distracted by technicalities.

Art Conductor for Apple Logic is the most complete collection of articulation sets available.

The collection features 9000 templates for all major libraries, including Spitfire, VSL, Eastwest, and Impact Soundworks. Orchestral Tools, 8dio, Audio Imperia and Cinematic Instruments.

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  Banned 26.01.2019 15 1320
I don't wanna pay 85/120€ for articulation sets
It's 85€.

But now the versions of Logic past 10.4.4 I think pretty much have this capability to create all this manually and quickly (without the premade templates, obvs), and when we didn't have that control of articulations native in Logic I used Ski's ArtzID I think it was called.
Plus Spitfire changed their libraries so we do not have to use their CC thing they used to be into.
If you're stuck on an older version of Logic, I can imagine you needing this though.
And I admit that doing it all manually takes ages, so these templates here were a time saver.
I don't think they've ever corrected the mistakes in them though, and I don't know if they update the package for free for owners.
The Clavichord is from the Late Middle Ages. It's not a Clavinet.
  Member 24.03.2021 4 77
I have 10.5.1
I wouldn't mind doing it manually but for all East West instruments (~70 libraries) and Iconica? Yeeeah, no thanks. Still, 85€ (normally 120 but it's discounted right now) for articulation sets seems way overkill, I'd rather pay 5-10 bucks for the manufacturer bundles than all of them and get dozens and dozens I don't need.

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