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Samples, presets, patches, impulses
Babylonwaves Art Conductor 8 for Cubase screenshot
P2P | 7 February 2022 | 465 MB
Babylonwaves Art Conductor 8 is a collection of over 9000 professionally build articulation switching templates available for Logic, Cubase and Cakewalk. The new release adds support for 86 additional sample libraries bringing the total to staggering count of 605.

Many libraries have received addition (such as Sine player libraries support variation switching now), or were updated. There were also a lot of little enhancements and bug fixes, thanks again for everybody who brought a little gremlin to our attention.

All expression maps feature an empty first slot now. This way you can record a melody without Cubase switching back to the Long articulation.
Last but not least we redid practically every library which could benefit from Snapshots. Gone are the days where articulations were missing because they were not loaded by default.

Additional content in Art Conductor 8:

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Thank you

BTW. Do u have maybe this beauty for SO?
  Member 30.07.2018 80

Cubase Expression Maps to Studio One
  Member 12.11.2021 18 231
Nice tool!
  Resident 16.11.2013 12 811
Looks promising!

  Member 27.12.2015 23
Love these, thanks hidera!
  Member 11.07.2017 150 420
wow thank you so much. Hope the s1 version will be released soon
  Member 7.11.2021 36
This is awesome, please bring the one for studio one, I'm sure there are many studio one users here
  Resident 20.03.2018 2 540
I've never used expression maps before :O The idea of having to learn different articulation key mappings for every different instrument has always been a little daunting, so having a universal map for so many instruments... What a brilliant idea and time-saving feature! If I was making money composing, a product such as this would be near the top of my purchase list!

Thank you very much hidera & supplier for allowing us to demonstrate & reap the rewards of expression maps!
Patience, respect & gratitude - Always
  Member 24.12.2021 2
Does anyone have this for Logic? I would like to have that...
  Member 7.11.2013 71
Converts Cubase expression map to Studio One sound variation:

Only one by one though, not yet working for multiple expression maps.
Perhaps someone could make a batch option?
  Member 7.11.2021 36
the Comment has been Removed
  Member 20.06.2021 238
There are always 2 expressionmaps for one Instruments. E.g.
8DAGE1 Guitar Synth A ~
8DAGE1 Guitar Synth D ~

When I convert them to Studio One, do I need both ? It seems that both does the same. Does anyone know ? :)
  Member 21.02.2020 2 309
Any one would do for Studio One.
IN Cubase, Direction works like a latch keyswitch where you trigger it once and all future notes will follow that articulation until you trigger a different one. Attribute works on a per-note basis, letting you choose a different articulation for each note.

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