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Psylab is a vsti plugin and standalone app dedicaced to kick bass designs based on unique advanced true cubic bezier curves system.

Advanced Curve System[/i]
Versatile, tight and precise unique curves system. Each curve is built from procedural segments including linear, steps, sinus, hermite or cubic splines, quadratic and true cubic béziers modes...

Build-in Synced Oscilloscope
Easy inspect waves, peaks, phasing, KB overlap areas.. Display current sound or reference file wave under the curves. From 8 bars to sample rez, all with Zoom n' Scroll.

Multi-Engines Generators
Classic, Bezier, Noizes-Paterns, Wavtable, Cycler, Sampler, Additive...

Versatile Filter
40+ Filter types including LP, HP, BP, Band Stop, Allpass, Notch, Lo/Hi shelves, In Biquad, Butterworth, Chebyshev, Elliptic, Bessel, Legendre, Moog , Korg, Oberheim Emus, Formants and other designs… most from 1 to 12 poles, with frequency and phase response overview.

Flexible routing and Matrix
20+ Fx processor can be chained and ordered as wish. powerfull matrix with +50 sources and +350 destinations parameters


* 4x parts multi-timbral monophonic synthesizer.
* 4x separated midi-in & 4x audio outputs if wanna split.
* Full vector resizable Ui, fast and responsive, with lot of visual feedback.
* Ultra fast preset switching / compare system.
* Foldable parameter’s groups. Display only a reduced to ‘only wanted’ set, or have control on
* Built in synced oscilloscope for precise overview (ie Kick bass phasing), with zoom and scroll,
from 8 bars up to sample rez.
* Advanced curves system and editor (16x vector user curves with: true cubic beziers, quadratic
beziers, cubic splines, hermite splines, steps, linear, sinus, and more … independent
segment’s types controlling various sound aspects like amp, freq, osc shapes, phases, filter,
morphing ect.. ).
* Ultra tight and stable/consistent sample accurate midi and envelopes timings.
* 2x versatile generators per part with classic, bezier, noizes-paterns, wavtables, sampler,
cycler & additive fourrier engines.
* Hi quality bi-cubic wavtable/cycler/sampler engines modes, with custom user .wav load
* Independent modulator per oscillator.
* AM, PM, FM, RM, PWM, SYNC, phase and amplitude distortion, wich can all be cumulated.
* 3x sub oscillators voices per osc with independent phase, vol , pitch controls, ie cancel/boost
* 2x versatiles LFOs with wide range of sources modes,
including user beziers.
* 40+ modifiers/warpers types that can be applied on phase and/or amplitude of both osc and
* 40+ Filters type including LP, HP, BP, BS, Allpass, Lo/Hi shelves,
Incuding Biquad, Butterworth, Chebyshev, Elliptic, Bessel, Legendre, Moog , Korg, Oberheim Emus, Formants…
most from 1 to 12 poles, with frequency and phase response overview.
* Custom curves choice for amplitude / pitch / filter, or dynamic AHDSR envelopes.
* Fx: delay, disto, reverb, flanger, phaser, compressor, ring modulation, soft cliper, bit -rate reducer, karplus strong resonator, limiter, custom user curve based wavshaping, multi-modes drive, eq…
* Load reference wav files with wavform display, automatically extracts pitch and amplitude enveloppes for easy copy / use as starting point ie to clone a kick, easy toggle ref/current.
* Approximate true ref wavform itself with bezier function.
* Instant Midi sidechain with precise custom user bezier curve ducking.
* A-B memory slots for comparing different patch settings.
* Build in bounce sound to wav file with direct drag n drop to daw.
* Build in sequencer with drag and drop Midi patern to daw.
* Build in converter helper (samples to ms, hz, beat, note names, tempo to delay ect.. ).
* Unique bezier morph system for true morph from user osc shape to another.
* Up to 16x oversampling.

..more in cooking for future releases..

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  Member 7.10.2015 23
Please! Also PsyScope Pro is missing on Audioz!
  Member 22.10.2021 7
yes please!

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