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REQ: 789ten Mixing And Mastering With Jaz Kuyper V.1 screenshot
This is a mixing and mastering tutorial for producers who are looking to squeeze out the final 10-20% out of their mix and bring their songs to life. If you are reaching for top level balance and sonic fidelity in your mixes, we are talking to you.

Jaz sits down with the 789ten team in the legendary Wisseloord Studios in the Netherlands to mix and master his latest production Stand In The Front, a powerful hip hop track with prominent Atlanta based songwriter & artist RAX REBL.

The years of Jaz’s professional mixing experience, combined with a room built to the highest level of acoustic standards, allowed Jaz to demonstrate the subtlest nuance of the mix and highlight the issues between elements in the mix that would often go unnoticed.

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  Member 5.06.2020 3 14
I really wish this was an EDM track instead of a hip hop
  Member 2.09.2020 24 11
Technique matters!

When you are watching this type of videos, try to understand what and why the guy in the video is doing. You shouldn't just watch the video and then go back to your project and try to do exactly the same things, because it won't work.
But if you are watching the video and if you try to understand every move that the guy in the video is making, then you can implement that in every single genre.

You should check Luca Pretolesi as well. He has tons of videos about mixing and mastering.
  Member 28.10.2018 11
Interesting copurse. Group buys is a wonderful option for such products, I use group buying for personal development courses at I wish the audio community organizes group buying.
  Member 10.04.2012 200
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