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Hybrid Tools: Phenex, although part of the Hybrid product line, is unlike our other offerings of the past. Instead of concentrating purely on risers, hits and pass-bys, Phenex is more musical at its heart. It is more organic, and subdued, utterly evocative when it wants to be, and compellingly powerful when it needs to be.

The core content of Phenex focuses on over one hundred banks of fully playable analog instruments and uniquely crafted sound design. Using only the best in analog source, we wanted to ensure that each sound was grounded, created from something real and unique, flowing with substance and certainty but always based in reality. Be it from custom string sections, mutated choirs, multiple rare and vintage synthesizers and sometimes even our very own voices. And we always ensured every session and recording followed a strict analog signal path till the very end. Of course, we then took it even further, by processing, mangling, and pouring our very soul into each sound, creating Phenex.

The entire Phenex Collection also includes our advanced 3D rendered Hybrid User Interface, featuring a variety of essential controls, including a fully equipped Arpeggiator, Tempo Synchronized Gate, Playback Direction Control, Speed Control, Pitch Envelope and Sample Offset with Bi-Directional Randomization, all accessible from the main interface. You can of course also go deeper into our Chaos Effects Engine and control everything from Low to High-Pass Filters, 3-Band EQ, Dual Delays, Bit-Crusher, Distortion, Dual-Convolution Reverb and an array of included tempo accurate Textural Convolution pulses. We have also tagged the necessary files with embedded Meta-Data to be fully ready for integration into any sound file management system.

From luscious pads to ominous drones, advanced textural synthesis, to ground trembling basses and human/inhuman percussive vocal loops. Phenex is the ultimate cinematic tool, built to handle even the most demanding synthesis and hybrid scoring needs.

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