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REQ: Chocolate Audio - Drum Particles Collection For Kontakt screenshot
A collection of our widely sought-after drum samples.
The Drum Particles Collection features all of the samples and sounds from our current product line:
- The Black Album
- Contemporary Vintage
- Modern Retro
- Imperial
The current collection features 205.000 samples, 48 GB in compressed sampled content and 300 drum pieces!

- about 48 GB (compressed) of samples
- 205000 samples
- 10 full drum kits (including kits played brushes and rods and many other types of sticks)
- more than 300 drum pieces
- sampled in full detail: up to 300 samples per articulation divided into up to 11 round robins
- up to 5 round robins on Cymbals and more than 16 dynamics each
- up to 4 close mics on each drum piece
- 4 sets of room mics
- easy multi out assignment
- custom mapping
- comes with pre-made Kontakt multis
- totally modular system
- digitally recorded at 24 bit / 88.2 KHz, released at 24 bit / 44.1 KHz

Engine Features:
- build your own layered or mixed sounds or full kits
- very quick startup times
- up to 4 Close and 6 Room mics
- tuning, velocity curve, range and limiter and AHD envelope controls on each drum
- assign single channels to separate outs
- customize mapping for any control system
- comes with preset mappings for most popular systems (including our own mapping)
- up to 12 round robins
- optionally turn round robin management off and select exactly which sample you want to play back on MIDI input
- large number of velocity splits (always > 16)

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