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What does this course mean for me?

Internalize the material in this course and I guarantee you'll turn into an epic modal bad ass! The clarity and insight provided in this course will put you on the fast track to modal mastery. Finally, you'll gain a powerful command of the 7 Diatonic Modes. It means you'll be able to draw on the vast emotional reserves of each mode at a moments notice. While improvising, jamming with others, or impressing the babes!

Bonus Features

For the more advanced student of music theory, I've provided two bonus features.

1. Harmonizing

2. Ultimate Chord Workout

We'll harmonize twinkle twinkle little star using each mode. This provides context and real life application for the unique modal character of each mode. The Ultimate Chord Workout, is a fretboard chord inversion exercise. Utilizing every set of strings and 30 plus chord voicings across the neck.

Course Materials

Inside the course materials you'll find the following tabs and mp3's for each mode.

1. 3 Note Per String Scales

2. Primary Chords

3. Licks

4. Twinkle Twinkle Harmonizations

5. Ultimate Chord Workouts

6. Backing Tracks For Each Mode

Take This Course If You Want To

Learn the 7 diatonic modes of the major scale
Learn the chord progressions associated with each mode
Learn sweep picking, alternate picking and finger tapping licks
Learn modal music theory
Learn chord inversions across the fretboard
Who this course is for:
Those who want to learn everything about the 7 Modes Of The Major Scale

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