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REQ: Production Music Live - How to Mix a Track with the Best Plugins Available screenshot
βœ“ We asked Mixing Engineer Guido Werner from Amsterdam to take our track "Desert" and perform a professional mixing and mastering on it.
βœ“ We asked him to use all his favorite VST Plugins for this purpose.
βœ“ With one condition: Record, explain and comment on everything you do while working on this project - and that's exactly what he did.
βœ“ Now you have the chance to look over his shoulder - this class is fire!

What you are getting
βœ“ A complete start-to-finish mixing & mastering process on a state of the art Ethereal Techno track
βœ“ 34+ Studio sessions with Guido Werner
βœ“ 5h+ online video sessions with lifetime-access
βœ“ Bonus: Ableton Project (before and after) used in this course (using Ableton Live 10 + List of Plugins)

What you will learn from this course:

This course is set up so that you learn how to mix your own production from A to Z using the best plugins available. Guido Werner will teach you all about different types of compressors, when to use which, how to listen, how to setup a file that practically mixes itself, reverbs, delays and the mastering process. If you ever wanted to sit next to an engineer while he does his thing this is it.

Plugins used in the session:

Waves: API 2500, Scheps 73SSL EQ, CLA 3A, CLA 2A

Fabfilter: ProQ2, Pro C 2

Goodhertz: Vulf Compressor 3

Izotope: Ozone imager (free), Ozone 8

Soundtoys: Devil Loc, Deluxe Microshift, Little Alter Boy, Echoboy, Phase Mistress, Echoboy Jr

ValhallaDSP: Plate Reverb, Vintage Reverb

Xfer: LFO Tool

Profile of mixing engineer Guido Werner :
Guido Werner also know as catandbeats has been working for many studios and artists from all over the world. Currently he is mixing and mastering for artists in a whole mix of genres from small time to big time and has also worked on several movies. As always he records the whole process so that you can see every click of the way and watch your file transform.

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This looks like a solid one, yes, kindly please!

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