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Overbridge is an award-winning software suite offering powerful tools when using Elektron instruments together with computers. For the first time in history, both analog and digital instruments can be seamlessly integrated with DAWs.

Fully integrate your Elektron instruments with DAWs like Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, Bitwig, Studio One and others

Control Elektron instruments with dedicated software plugins
Stream multi-channel audio over USB
Affect computer audio with hardware instrument processing
Recall all instrument settings when loading a DAW project
Make your Elektron instrument function as a stand alone sound card

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  Member 30.06.2016 7
Hi i have found this maybe it will help but it only include the drivers for the pc version , maybe the osx version is full i haven't tested.
The drivers are ok with my digitakt inside ableton.

pc version
Elektron Overbridge Drivers

Mac version
Elektron Overbridge Beta.dmg
  Member 30.06.2016 7
I found updated version here :

# Overbridge Beta

This package contains:

- Analog Heat VST Plugin.
- Analog Heat Standalone Editor.
- Digitakt VST Plugin.
- Digitakt Standalone Editor.
- Overbridge Engine and Control Panel.
- USB Audio drivers for Elektron Overbridge-compatible hardware.

## Functionality

Each Elektron Overbridge device typically exposes all individual track/voice channels as separate USB Audio channels, for multi-track recording into DAWs.
Some Elektron Overbridge devices such as the Analog Rytm and Analog Four also allow you to route audio from a computer host into individual track audio paths for intricate processing.
The Analog Heat acts entirely as a sound processing unit. The plugin routes audio from your computer host, through the effects chain and back into the host.
All Elektron Overbridge devices allow you to play audio from the computer host directly to the device's main output, making the device act as a sound card for playing back music etc.

The Overbridge Control Panel application is bundled together with the drivers, providing a simple channel monitor for your devices.

### USB Audio drivers for Windows and macOS

The USB Audio Drivers will expose Audio and MIDI-interfaces for Elektron Overbridge devices.
On Windows, WDM and ASIO audio interfaces are provided.
On macOS, HAL and CoreAudio audio interfaces are provided.

### Digitakt Standalone Editor for Windows and macOS

The Digitakt Standalone Editor allows for controlling the Digitakt's parameters via a GUI desktop application and also manage sounds and samples on the device.
The Overbridge Engine handles all USB communication between your connected Elektron device and the standalone editor.

### Digitakt VST Plugin for Windows and macOS

The Digitakt Plugin allows for controlling the Digitakt's parameters and stream audio via a VST Plugin. This makes it possible to sequence, sync and automate the Digitakt with your DAW. Audio will be streamed to the plugin making it possible to use your audio interface of choice in your DAW while still receiving audio from your Digitakt.
The Overbridge Engine handles all USB communication between your connected Elektron device and the VST Plugin.

## System Requirements

### Computer Operating System Requirements

Overbridge 2.0 supports the following computer operating systems.
- Windows 10 or higher running on a 64bit system.
- Apple macOS 10.12 or higher running on a 64bit system.

### Computer Hardware Requirements

Overbridge 2.0 requires a high performance computer with 64bit architecture. Elektron recommends the below specs as minimum specs.
- At least 8GB or RAM.
- At least Intel Core i5 CPU.
- OpenGL 3.2 capable GPU.
- Dedicated USB host port for each Overbridge hardware device. USB Hubs are generally not supported, and may cause problems with both connectivity and performance.

### Supported Elektron Hardware

- Analog Four mkI/mkII running OS 1.35 or higher.
- Analog Keys running OS 1.35 or higher.
- Analog Rytm mkI/mkII running OS 1.45 or higher.
- Analog Heat mkI/mkII running OS 1.11_BETA1 or higher.
- Digitakt running OS 1.11_BETA5 or higher.
- Digitone running OS 1.10 or higher.

Note that Overbridge plugins may have more strict requirements regarding OS versions compared to this Overbridge USB Driver package.

## Update Notifications

Run the Overbridge Control Panel application regularly to ensure you get automatic notifications about availability of software updates directly from Elektron.

Also check the Elektron website regularly for availability of additional Overbridge software components.

## Upgrading from previous Overbridge versions

If upgrading from Overbridge 1.15 or earlier, note that a complete uninstall of the previous version will be performed first. This means you will loose any previously installed Overbridge plugins and Overbridge drivers if you install the Overbridge 2.0 Beta.

download from free file storage
  Member 28.01.2014 2 4
Thanks Groovegsus! Thats awesome!

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