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REQ: Klanghelm SDRR 2 screenshot
Request: Klanghelm SDRR 2 WIN | MAC
Major overhauls of IVGI and SDRR have been released. SDRR now includes GUI resizing, AGC, a proper preset browser, new HQ options and more. It's a free update for existing SDRR-users. IVGI has got an additional mode now to offer a broader variety of sounds.

SDRR was built to satisfy almost all of your saturation desires. It provides a comprehensive set of controls to manipulate the character of the saturation to make it fit exactly. SDRR offers four different main modes: TUBE, DIGI, FUZZ, DESK and reacts dynamically to the input signal. Each mode has its unique crosstalk behavior, which can be switched off or exaggerated. A unique RMS level difference metering mode makes level matching an easy task. SDRR can be different things: a saturation, a compressor, an EQ, a bit-crusher, a subtle stereo widener, or simply add some movement to your tracks with the DRIFT control. Add warmth, depth and character to your tracks with SDRR. Don't forget to check out the free IVGI, which can be seen as the little brother of SDRR. It is based on the DESK mode in SDRR. Since IVGI is comparable to SDRR quality-wise, CPU-consumption wise and regarding aliasing (or better the absence of aliasing artifacts), it's a good way to also get an impression of how SDRR would perform on your system. SDRR is available in the following formats (all included in one single license):

Windows: VST (32&64Bit), AAX Native for ProTools® 11 or higher

Mac OSX: AU (32&64Bit), VST (32&64Bit), AAX Native for ProTools® 11 or higher
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  Resident 10.07.2014 507
I would love to try this, but give this great dev some time.
  Resident 2.02.2014 1 1396
It's extremely cheap for extremely excellent plugins. Let him to earn some good money. Not now please. Use what you have, there are thousands of already crkd software and hundreds of the super quality free plugins. Don't ask to have everything all. In top studios there are 10-15 plugins among hardware that they use rarely. You (may) have almost all. Just download, install, dragndrop etc. Including previous version of plugins. And check Airwindows free stuff. Each week there is a new product for free. Airwindows is super digital quality, cool true analog vibe, no gui and no pc resource killing. Stop this "I want all". Nobody complains about music releases made on old plugins and previous versions. With new plugins you will not be cooler and closer to Skrillex or Depeche Mode or Jarre etc. It depends on your music first, arrangement and performance, good mix, not nuances and improved algos.
Egoist is a kind of those bastards who cares only about himself, and doesn't care ABOUT ME at all!
  Resident 6.03.2016 10 116
Look how fast

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