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Production Mixing and Mastering with Waves screenshot
834.59 MB
With this interactive CD course you can learn how to master the tools that shape the sound of hit songs, films and shows. You will get to hear and experiment with 5 professionally mixed tracks using Waves proprietary plug-ins and browse the settings of each of the individual instruments that were used in the songs. We will demonstrate how Waves' plugins offer a professional solution to create an outstanding mix covering everything from Equalizers, Compressors, Reverbs, Delays, Choruses and Creative effects, to vintage modeled EQ's, Compressors and Reverbs. You will be guided through the process of how the songs were arranged, produced gaining knowledge of the techniques used and the ability to apply them to your own music.

You'll Learn:
-How to finesse lead and backing vocal tracks
-How to get the most out of drum programming, drum tracks, and loops
-When to use compression, reverb, and delay
-How to handle bass, electric and acoustic guitar, strings, organ, and more
-How to create punchy mixes for maximum impact

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  Contributor 9.06.2010 3972 714
is this old? or...super old?
  Resident 5.10.2013 45
the word you are looking for is ancient!
  Member 27.02.2014 2 46
is it the original pdf or scanned pdf in black and white ? plz reply . Thanks
  Resident 2.10.2013 323
mirrors please ?
  Member 18.09.2013 19
I bet this is old, it's one of the best tutorials around. is the pdf colour?
  Resident 11.02.2011 7 1403
For any user of Waves, this is never old!!!
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  Resident 12.03.2012 13 458
Yes this is old. Just thought I'd share a useful tutorial that I couldn't find here on Audioz (they still sell this on Waves website).
  Resident 31.07.2013 6 301
First thanks for share and what about Multi-Track session files?

The original pack is compressed 950 MB. (extracted 3.5 GB)
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  Resident 12.03.2012 13 458
I will post the full pack. Just give me a minute to upload it and I will update the link.

Full Pack
Download Link
  Resident 23.04.2012 137
rapid if you can!!

and ty very much i was looking for this for a quite some time!! i'm missing something in waves, and should do the trick.
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  Resident 16.01.2014 13 450
Fast Free Link Firedrive

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  Member 3.06.2015 19
plz leave me new links for production mixing mastering with waves
  Resident 25.04.2012 74 7705
Use the link in the main post.
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  Member 27.02.2014 2 46
quote by ToothpickYes this is old. Just thought I'd share a useful tutorial that I couldn't find here on Audioz (they still sell this on Waves website).
LikerPro, It's just the video tutorials.
PDF not included.

which video tutorial ? there isn't any video tutorial just pdf and multi track session !
  Member 12.04.2013 1 190
Haha I used to learn with this one on my crappy Windows computer running Logic Platinum 5.2.0. Oldschool.
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  Member 19.10.2013 8
  Member 25.05.2013 10
when i try to mount this image with daemon tools it says that unable to mount file is not accessible
  Member 25.05.2013 10
after a fight with nero and daemon tools it get open and its piece of shitty WAVES and its not tutorial please never post this kinda stuff again
fucky work toothpick
  Resident 12.03.2012 13 458
Soorena, obviously you don't read comments.
I updated the link. You can DL the complete content below.
  Member 14.02.2014 12
thanks a lot!
  Member 24.05.2013 2
Thanks a lot ! This is a must have

@soorena :
You should say thank you and apologize to Toothpick for this great stuf...
  Resident 28.04.2012 19 1587
@Toothpick can you plz be so kind next time you upload something put it in a folder with the name of the APP/TuT/Library before you rar it. So after extraction we will have a folder with the name of it. I know you named the rar-archive and so it would be easy to "extract it to foldername = archive name" but as here at Audioz we have mirrors (like here at your post) there is no guaranty the person who uploads for mirroring also keeps the name of the archive...So better include the folder structure into the archive itself.
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  Resident 27.09.2013 694
Learn the finer points of professional music production and master signal processing techniques with this OpenMix interactive course. The updated and revised 5th edition includes DVDs with processed audio tracks to support additional hosts, making the book more attractive to DAWs such as "Ableton Live," "Digital Performer," "GarageBand," and others. In addition, full session files for "Pro Tools HD," "Pro Tools LE/Native," "Logic," "Nuendo," and "Cubase" have all been updated to support the current versions of these hosts. With sessions in five contemporary styles including R&B, rock, country, alternative, and urban, "Production Mixing Mastering with Waves" recreates every step of the mixing and mastering process. Hardcover, 184 p. with DVD.
Copyright: Milwaukee, WI: Hal Leonard Corporation ©2010

They Still Sell It - Still Relevant!
  Resident 7.01.2013 180
Skip this and go to the official waves page on youtube they have extensive tutorials and guidance on almost every plug for free.
  Resident 2.03.2012 2 992
need fastlinks if possible.
Try'n Buy
  Member 30.01.2014 12
Some session project file, Mac version is missing (One and only - dance, already gone - rock). Could you reup, please?
  Member 1.11.2008 399
ancient aliens
  Member 4.06.2014 41
Big Thanks
  Member 17.01.2014 1 87
Old?? this is a F++Kin' Great tutorial keep up those posts!!
  Member 23.11.2014 1
please help.

when i open a project on cubase 7, any of the waves plugins wont load.
eg : The plug-in "WaveShell" could not be found for FX Channel "1"!
The plug-in "L2" could not be found for Master Insert "1"!

But i have the plugins installed and its there if i want to use it.

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