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LinPlug Albino 3.1.1 VSTi x86/x64 (12.2010) screenshot
Albino 3 arrives! There are loads of amazing new creative features added like the two new filters "Scream" and "Comb"; four FX units with new FX like LoFi and WahWah; a Compressor and an improved Reverb. But the biggest new feature is that you can layer up to four instances of Albino in one single preset!

Albino 3 has more than 2100 'Rob Papen' presets in various styles of music plus two banks by the very talented REYN (Famous Dutch producer), Noisia (Dutch DnB) and NarvanaX (Dutch Hardcore).

Key features:
VST2.0, AU and RTAS plug-in synthesizer for PC and Mac (IntelMac)
Sound Presets consist of 4 separate Layers for rich, complex sound synthesis.
32 note polyphonic (CPU dependent)
Unlimited sound programs, Sound Browser
+2100 Rob Papen presets and more
4 oscillators per Layer, 4 types. Oscillator modules include Analog-type, Digital-type, Noise-type and Audio Input-type. FM modulation and AM modulation. Oscillator Sync in Analog Oscillator 2 and 4.
Stereo Filters, 4 types. Filter modules include Silk-type, Cream-type, Scream-type and Comb-type. 3 multimode filters (Silk, Cream and Scream), each with a different basic design thus producing different sounding filters. Filters are stereo with panning and panning modulation options.
Saturation knob precedes each filter to add overdrive to the sound before it enters the filter. Four types of Saturation are available.
8 envelopes, 2 types. ADSFR type and 5-stage envelope type with loop function. Each envelope stage has separate slope/curve settings. Each oscillator has its own volume envelope.
4 LFOs with various waveforms and midi-syncable. LFO Waves have adjustable start-phase and waveform-symmetry. LFOs can also be set to mono mode.
Modulation Matrix which includes 16 routings with 27 sources and 36 destinations. Separate control section for Velocity to: AMP, Filter 1 and Filter 2.
Arpeggiator with 32 step rhythm sequencer, step length, clock settings, various modes including modulation and chord, switchable keyboard retrigger, swing, velocity mix, save/load functionality.
Spread function for each Oscillator for ultra fat detuned sounds.
Chord memory mode (saved with the preset)
4 effects units per layer each containing 12 stereo effects including two Choruses, two Delays, Filter, Phaser, Reverb, Flanger, Gator, Wah Wah, Compressor and LoFi.
Mono/Polyphonic Portamento/Glide featuring Fingered mode, switchable constant Time/constant Rate and Auto-Bend Modes
Sound programs are stored directly on hard disk so providing a virtually unlimited number of storage locations. Sounds are sorted into style-maps for easy search. Integrated Sound Browser, MIDI program change and bank change supported.
Adjustable Precision setting for recreating the warmth of true analog synthesizers
Gen (randomize) function for experimentation and preset fun
Microtonal support (Scala file import) for different scales (Indian, Arabic, etc.)
Adjustable keyboard velocity response curve.
32-voice polyphony
Adjustable voice limit (mono, 1...12, oo).
MIDI activity display (also triggers a C3 when clicked)
Several parameters are located on the "rear panel" so they are not changed accidentally during use.
Controller hardware (faderbox or synth) settings can be saved and restored.
Dial operation is switchable between circular and linear modes

Reuploaded. PiRAT

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